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Pleasures of the flesh

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Todays card from the Revelations Tarot was the reversed Queen of Pentacles and the book and the card shows her in a rather greedy light. Someone wanting pleasures of the flesh, but then again, who doesn’t? It is nice and yummy and why not indulge a little, why not flaunt it when you got it? Only the reversed queen feels comfortable enough in her own skin to let her dress slip. Or do we have to equate women showing boobs to someone using her body to get ahead (like the book does)

So to indulge my reversed queen-ness I offer you here not boobs but cupcakes!


Being a show-off

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First, especially for Vee – the pannacotta with rhubarb and raspberry topping, it was yummy!

Then the bracelet I found at the market today. Lovely silver, like a watch where I don’t have to worry about time ­čśÇ or a mirror where I can’t obsess over how I look.

And finally a bonus, the shortbread with raspberry jam middles I made last night. ­čśÇ

Slow Sunday

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Both these are actually ‘minors’ but they reminded me of majors. The first made me think of the Tower. Then of magick going terribly wrong. It does look like both the figures on the ground and the angels in the sky are doing the best to torch that place. It is clearly meant to burn. It’s a nasty business but it needs to be done.

I took a second card to temper the harshness of the burning house and got what looks like The Fool, only conscious. One figure is beckoned to take the step over the edge. She will be received by both another angel and a soft cloud. This is The Fool being un-foolish. Making an informed decision.

I don’t really do these ‘readings’ as predictions, I just do them to make myself be more aware of my quite dull every-day life. Trying to find the connections. I wish I could share some exciting story about my day but all I got is this:

It’s been snowing again! Grrr. My feet got wet walking to the store. I made cookies! I cleaned my bedroom and the kitchen and I made tons of waffles for my brother. Hey, it’s┬áSunday, what did you expect? Riveting drama? I didn’t even burn the cookies.


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This weeks Tarot is a big, bold, beautiful round deck. The Daughters of the moon tarot by Ffiona Morgan created in 1991. I don’t have any kind of book for it and the cards are in many cases renamed so it will be a bit of an adventure. There is a Black/White colour it yourself edition out too but I got the vibrant colourful one. There are only 3 courts for all the suits, Mother Maiden and Crone. All in all there are just no men here at all, but quite a few butch, femme, skinny, fat, tan, pale, brown, young, old, disabled, limber, sneaky, half-animal ladies. And yeah, it is a ladies only deck. It just doesn’t bug me as much though. The whole point of the deck is the reclaim the feminine and if that is not your cup of tea, just pass on it and move on, there are thousands of decks out there, surely it must be ok to have one with just the ladies… As usual I will photograph the cards with my old trusty camera since I am too lazy to scan and it looks horrible scanning round images.

Sunday’s card is the 3 of Cups with the keyword of Bonding. What I think of for this card is Celebration! So how can I celebrate my day? Why, by baking of course! It is one of my favorite things to both do and enjoy the result of. Will have some family over to share the goods later.

While looking through this deck I felt inspired to take out an old book I read the first time back in the late 90:ies. ┬áThe Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries: Feminist Witchcraft, Goddess Rituals, Spellcasting and Other Womanly Arts┬áby Zsuzsanna Budapest. This is the book that in many way triggered my search for my own kind of spirituality even though I since left this particular path, I will carry with me a lot of the good stuff. There are a lot worse mentors and inspirations out there for sure. I have started re-reading it right now just to see how I feel about it after all these years.