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I am rich

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Todays proverb goes something like this: ‘No one ever became poor by giving alms’ The card shows a man giving money to some beggars on the street and a cherub is crowning him. The text below wouldn’t really translate so well but this is what I got out of it: those who are pious (revering the divine) and full of zeal and give of what he has to the poor will be treasured on earth and in heaven.

For most of my life I have been the beggar, or at least that is my old mindset, I had no money, alas, I was poor. I never could join in with others on social events that cost money, never had this or that, never went here or there… all about the Lack! Then I lost my job and became really tight on money but so rich on time. I got enough money to survive and to share and even indulge sometimes, I only feel poor at the end of the month but I never gone hungry or been homeless. While I am not in a position to give to charity, not much anyway, I do have time to do things like supporting those close to me that need me, as a friend, as family. Today I share a mean chillie with my brother, so good it makes me sneeze 😀

Last night while watching TV I cropped a tarot deck. It is the Spiral. One of my oldest and it was grimy and looked sad with them fluffy purple cloud borders. Now it looks just amazing. Since it is an old fave I haven’t had it on the ‘rotation’ list for weekly deck yet but I might add it there now.