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Helping hands

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Cosmic Tribe really shines in some of the wand cards. This one and 4 of wands are my faves. The Wands and hands makes perfect sense since wands are about Action and Doing things instead of just thinking about them, dreaming about them, regretting them or waiting for others to do them for you. Here the keyword is Community and I see it not only as how others help us or vice versa but how our ideas help us spin an even wider net.

I often think of how well this card fits with giving birth to a creative project. Wands are like seeds of fire and 9 is for 9 months of carrying to fruition but also 9 is not 10 – you are not done just yet! You still need to nurture and defend your creations. Sometimes those helping hands can turn out to be grabbing hands so protect your creation!

Time to think of a new deck to take out for a spin and I am a bit clueless. I did at least stop buying new decks for now ūüėÄ There is really nothing out there now that I feel that I HAVE to get. Also I am thinking of selling a few decks that I know I just don’t click with at all so watch this space…

Clouds parting

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Today I took two card and put them in the positions of Red light – Green light.

The first card 5 of Wands clearly is trapped behind bars, thorny ones at that so I take this as an advice to go out-doors and not stay trapped in here with my bad temper (I was a bit snappy late last night due to really frigging awful¬†arthritis and still can’t use my left arm much)

The Green light was the Hermit – not a card one associate with hanging out with people, but then that is not really my plan. Plan is to emerge from my cave-dwelling (a perfectly fine apartment) and just get my ass outside! Let the light and winds blow through my hair, feel the earth under my feet, that kind of thing…

So I did! And discovered that the apple tree outside is almost almost in bloom. The meadowsweet is blooming and my herbs are thriving after the rain we had these last few doors. And despite the weather-forecast predicting heavy rains all week Рthe sun is shining here.


All in my head

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Disciplined thinking. That is the catch-phrase for today. I took my Cosmic Tribe Tarot and asked the cards What am I attracting – What am I repelling? (I call this the Magnet spread, I think I made it up – or I unconsciously stole it…)

What I attract: Knight of Swords is a challenger but also a protector and even a guide. He stands for mental force, an agile intellect, rash perhaps too quick to judge at times, but there is something pure about him too. Here I had to cover up his private parts cause I am not sure if WordPress would shut me down for some full frontal nudity. But see his owl-wings and the light from his brow.

9 of Swords is what I repel and it stands for clouded thinking, anxiety, nitemares and obsessing over things I feel powerless to change. There are birdwings here too, but the poor little creature are almost ripped apart, over-powered by the mesmerizing swords. We move in Yeshod here, the sphere of the Moon and dreams and things are not what they seem, it is easy to get lost.

(Interesting to note here are the ‘missing’ cards, the cards in the gap: 10 of Sword for the Ruin, the rock bottom, the over-kill and then Page of Sword for the childlike curiosity, the fresh start. We can almost read them all together – backwards)


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Another card from the beautiful Cosmic Tribe Tarot. I pulled this yesterday but was too busy to blog anything.

Here we see a key tied down with stalks of a plant. Around it 6 flowers with a key-hole center. It does not matter much what those locks will unlock, the thing is to use the key and see what happens. Don’t just let it sit there and be an¬†unrealized¬†possibilities key, let it be a manifested choice key!

My response to this card was to go out with some new people to the cinema! Being a recluse it can sometimes be hard for me in social situations but I had a great time and the film was very good. We watched Prometheus. I could have chosen to stay at home and only interacted online, but this time I used the key to unlock a social anxiety and I feel rejuvenated!


Cosmic Tribe Tarot

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This week I will be using the Cosmic Tribe Tarot by Stevee Postman. A photographic rather ‘Thothy’ deck with a lot of nudity, so nothing for the shy. I bought this one when it was released or soon after and used it a lot back then. After being hit with a major case of collector-bug, I put it away and almost forgot I had it. But the other day while browsing through decks to find my favorite Empress a friend made me take this deck out again. It feels perfect for june, it has a summery feel to it.

Todays card was 2 of Wands. A very Thoth like card, with 2 pillars crossing and creating fire. Mixing stability with dynamism. What sparks my creativity? How do I express it? Right now it is by cooking and baking. I love to share what I make with friends and family. It is such a basic and down-to-earth thing, to produce such tangible result and then give, and nourish others.

Today I made a vanilla pannacotta with a rhubarb and raspberry compote topping.