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Not feeling it – or hearing it

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This morning I simply asked my deck: Why don’t I love you? and the reply was XX Judgment. I guess I am just not hearing the call, it is not playing my kind of music. The deck does not make my heart sing. So I am making the judgment call to pass it on. I don’t hate it – but I know I will never feel that ‘oh let’s take out the crystal visions again’  It’s not like I can’t read with it, it is just that I prefer the other 110 decks.

So goodbye Crystal Visions Tarot, I don’t really regret buying you but perhaps someone else will love you.

Next week – starting tomorrow – will be either Dame Fortune’s Wheel or Langustl.

Soggy Bottom

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Woke up around 5 to let the cat out and then couldn’t go back to sleep so pulled out my Crystal Visions tarot for a daily card. This time it was King of Swords. First I thought the patches in the snow were dead birds but it is just a bit of the mountain showing through the snow. What strikes me when I look at this image is the little ‘mom-voice’ inside me that whines that ‘don’t sit on the ground like that, you’ll get soggy bottoms and urinary tract infections’  One would think a King of Swords (master of intellect) would know better really.

As for myself I got my panties in a twist when I found out the book I pre-ordered from in April now won’t be here until mid june. But if I cancel the order and do a new one it will take 10 days. So I cancelled and went to the Book Depository instead, they ship in 48 hours. Cheaper even. But of course I had to send a scathing email to customer support that I guess will just come off slightly hysterical.

I should learn to not send mails before I had my morning coffee.  Still not a fan of this deck by the way. Can’t WAIT until saturday when I switch. Closing with the Soggy Bottom Boys.

The lion’s roar

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Today’s card makes me think of the documentary I just saw by Louis Theroux about Americans collecting and breeding wild animals to keep as pets, but then grows weary and scared when they realize they cannot handle them properly. I know this does not only happen in the US though, it is even more common in many Asian countries. But what struck me the most was that there are now more tigers living in captivity in the US then living wild in Asia. Many sub-species of tigers are extinct. This makes some of the breeders of captive tigers call themselves wild-life rescuers. It’s like calling fur-collectors animal-friendly.

Obviously this card is not about the extinction of Tigers. It is about overcoming your fear, of tempering the Wild, of tenderness and passion mingling.

Added one of my favorite songs right now: The Lion’s roar by First Aid Kit.

Crystal Visions Tarot

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New deck for the new week and the widget gave me Crystal Visions Tarot. This one I really did buy on a whim when Amazon had it really cheap. It is not my type of deck at all, too sweet and too many princesses with fairy wings and butterflies and unicorns. I am going to be 45 this summer and I left my princesses on a mountaintop with butterfly wings phase behind me when I was 9. So one can say I start off this week on a rather negative note. Almost deemed this deck as being ‘beneath’ me already… So I decided that the whole purpose of doing this deck of the week thing was to actively work with even the most unexpected decks. I have been surprised before.

I did a simple 3 card reading, like a deck-interview spread but with no set positions. First card is The Hermit and it tells me that to get to know this deck I need to make it a priority, let it be the guiding light, if only for a week. Don’t get too mesmerized by the other 110 decks laying around. It’s you and me baby and I’ll stick to you!

The second card is a herd of 8 unicorns symbolizing the 8 of wands. That is a lot of pointy horns coming at me, strong force and a lot of attention is called for here. I am quite hopeless in that I sometimes just can’t be bothered to do my daily cards if the deck is not intriguing enough. I need to apply some elbow-grease and just Do it! And do it fast and intuitively without too much analyzing.

The last card is the 3 of cups with is clearly a party going on. Celebrations come after success though. I also read this as a card of connections being made. AJ posted on the forum a call for us all to engage more in the reading exchange and yeah, I am all for it!