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Fall soon but now we live in the last breath of summer

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I do love the fall, just that it also reminds me of the coming winter and that I dread. Still, today I took some time out and just sat in the sun, drank in the scent of apples and enjoyed the moment. This card is one of my faves in the deck. It is a bit of nostalgia for what has passed just moments ago. She laid down the book and took a long look out over her surroundings, perhaps thinking that soon, this moment too will be just a memory.

Late august

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I have been using the Dark Grimoire deck for this week too, only not felt like posting much.

I pulled this card the same day as I went to the flea-market and found a new (really old) kitchen table for 20 sek! We had to drag it home ourselves though me and my mom. I still got splinters but I love my kitchen now and actually sit there and eat and not in the living room any more.

This card is for me a poke to move forward, to make my space my own, open and inviting and the home I always dreamed of.

Here it is now. So tiny and I still need to find something nice for that wall.

Oh and my neighbor got a puppy. Here is Freja:


Dr. Jones

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The whole suit of Wands in Dark Grimoire makes me think of Indiana Jones 😀 The Ace being the Grimoire of inspiration that is the Grail he is chasing. Here in the 2 of Wands he meets with a trusted friend to discuss his plans over a map. In the 3 of Wands they have breached the chamber of the Mystery etc.

Putting things into motion is my phrase for this card. It’s good to have a friend to bounce off ideas with, someone to serve as anchor when your ideas and plans get ahead of themselves. Just the process of sharing a plan makes it more real and increase the probability if it to come to full term. For some that lack that real life support internet is one venue. Another is to simply journal and get things onto paper.

Dark Grimoire

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This weeks deck is the Dark Grimoire from Lo Scarabeo. It is at least in parts, based on the world of H.P. Lovecraft and is wonderfully dark and twisted and moody. The art is beautiful in warm earth tones, painted with a gentle hand by Michele Penco. Some of the cards are my faves in any decks. (I’ll post those a bit later on)

Yesterday’s card was The Sun. A myriad of creatures creeping, crawling among thick roots and rocks and in the clearing the rising sun. They seem utterly compelled yet hesitant to walk into the light. I see it as integration of shadowy parts into the day-to-day living.

Interesting to note is that I am right now reading (apart from Lovecraft short stories of course) a book by China Mieville called ‘The City and the City’ about 2 paralleled cities, excisting side by side, where people have been conditioned to only see and hear their own city, the other existing an inch away but not acknowledge.  Somehow this card made me think of that book – synchronicity!

Click the image to see it better. Not my best photo but the batteries were dying.

Today I pulled the 9 of Pentacles or Shadows as they are called here. This suit is about our physical center and our attachments. The road is pawed to success if that is truly what is ahead? But there are still stumbling blocks on the way and just what is she walking towards? The city of Dreams or of Nitemares? With Lovecraft you would guess the latter.

Today I see this as an urging to clarify just where I am heading and why. Or rather why I am not heading anywhere at all…