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Heart’s desire

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Last card from DaVinci Enigma for this time. This card is for yesterday but then I got too caught up in posting my own Tarot Myth and the day was spent worrying that perhaps I shouldn’t have posted it after all for suddenly it sounded so silly when I read it and my mind raced in a hundred different directions with plans and what-to-do lists… I feel out of breath just thinking about it.

Looking at this card what strikes me first is the man looking like he is crawling with a contraption on his back. The key-word “Flying’ gives away what this is, a one man cockpit! I scribbled down ‘A man must learn to crawl before he learns to fly’ on a little piece of paper. DaVinci was obsessed with flying, his notes are brimming with models of wings, propellers, birds…

The second thing I see is of course the mirrored text. DaVinci is famous for being able to write mirrored. It just shows how his brain was wired in a totally different way. I heard someone say that if he were alive today he would be classed as being autistic.

Anyway, the Dimmi for this card is: What does your heart desire? I don’t know, is my reply right now. I think I just want to HAVE a desire. My heart desire something to burn for – anything! Perhaps just this: To live each moment inside the Joy of simply living. To find the calm center.


Chubby baby sweetness

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Todays card from the DaVinci Enigma tarot is 7 of Air and the keyword – roughly translated to english is Action. The text in the book is a bit murky to be honest but the Dimmi is straight forward as usual. It asks of me What action I need to do.

The image is of adorable baby chubbiness, little foot, tiny toes, cuddly little arms. The babies bodys cuddlieness has as it’s sole purpose to store fat for growth but a side-effect is of course that simply adorable little body that makes you wanna blow raspberries on the tummy. The cuteness of babies is of course important in forming the desire of the mother to nurture it. So all that chubby sweetness is actually useful. Not so in adults though. But I am not gonna go on and on here about my struggle with body-image, I save that for another day.

Today my chosen action is to bake sweet little macarones, flavoured with pistachio, dyed with green food colouring. They are utterly useless but oh so sweet.

Ok here is the card a little closer, oh and if you want to see larger photos, just click them.


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But not as in being lazy and sitting on the balcony reading and now and then look up and squint your eyes to the sun… I already done that. It was glorious, having a cold beer and my Kindle and my cat in the lap (yes, he insisted)

Not as in Frankie goes to Hollywood Relax

But as in the conscious effort to Relax the tensions.

In this sketch (5 Water) DaVinci made one of his intricate mechanical drawings. This, according to the book, is a contraption to relax a spring too tightly wound up. Earlier this morning I stumbled upon a thread in my Heathens and Witches group over at Goodreads that wanted some tips on how to meditate and do creative visualisation. By pure chance I had just read a bit about the different modes of thinking and meeting the world in Temple Grandins book ‘Thinking in  Pictures’ and I thought back on how much I struggled with meditation mainly cause I could never relax to someone elses voice on those guided meditations. Pictures only worked if I had first dreamt of them. What really work for me, my way of un-winding that thightly spring in my mind is movement. I meditate walking, or if at home and not able to walk, by gently swaying my body. I meet the world in the tactile sense.

In one of my Kabbalah classes the Rabbi talked about how we humans meet the universe by only tiny little openings. like the skin on your fingertips, the eyes, the nose, the ears, the mouth. With training we can learn to take it in via our Spirit. Until then – I go for a walk…

What a serpentine post this became, but I love it when I somehow can connect this book to that book to that song to this card etc…


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This morning I woke from such an amazing dream that I just have to copy it down here too. I was driving up a mountain, precarious drops, walls of snow and ice, the road winding serpentine up and up and up, the sky black and angry, then everything opening up, inside a mountain lies a lake, green trees and bushes in bloom, sunlight coming down in a shaft through the top of the mountain, almost like being inside a hollow volcano. A house with many many rooms, both secluded bedrooms and generously spaced out communal rooms with large panorama windows.

Just wanted to show part of why I am in such a grand mood today.

The card I pulled when I woke up is 4 of Fire from the DaVinci enigma tarot. The keyword under the picture is Celebration. The image show a group of 3 muses dancing, hair and dresses fluttering in the wind. The sketch is full of movement and life. The Dimmi question is: What is there to celebrate? And let me reply to that right now: It is Walpurgis! It is the eve before mayday when we burn away the dead of winter and blow kisses to the spring. This evening we will gather with our loved ones, eat well, look at the fires, talk and laugh and sway and jump and dance in the joy of spring. There might be plans for the garden made too. We will eat our BBQ and pour over seed-catalogues and note-books.


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Picked out a new deck for this following week and the random generator gave me the DaVinci enigma tarot by Caitlin Matthews (and the man himself of course – Leonardo DaVinci) I had this deck some years now but it is very different from anything else I got so I have been hesitating to use it.

Most cards are renamed, all images are from DaVincis sketches. The book is really good but for simplicity I will only use a tiny part of it – the Destiny-spread where you actually use the backs of the cards to form the outlay, and the Dimmi-questions. According to the book DaVinci would pencil in the margins of his notes the word ‘Dimmi’ when he changed the pencil, it means ‘Tell me’ as a way to coax out of the pencil a bright new idea or revelation. Much of how I usually read the cards is by asking myself questions so this is I think, a good way for me to get a handle on these cards.

First here is the backs and how I managed to fit together some of the cards. I then flipped them over and just read the Dimmi from the book and from that wrote in my journal. Too much to really share here but let me tell you this is a REALLY great way, some of the dis-connected cards, ones not fitting in any pattern and therefore seen as a stumbling block, a resistance, was like a slap in the face and just a tad bit too personal and tender to write about here and now.


The first pattern I got was a Dodekaeder with stands for Spirit and getting the Whole picture. V Översteprästen=Hierophant + 8 Fire. Dimmi asks me to see how I can make a bridge between the Microcosmos of everyday life, the small stuff, and the Macrocosmos – the Spiritual truths. 8 of Fire shows a ballista that stayed on the paper, an idea never realised and it therefore asks me how my aim is.

Altogether the Dimmi in my mind here is if perhaps my fire-arrows are not falling to the ground before hitting their target, is my energy being spent on being the arm-chair magician and not the Real Deal.

The next pair is connected by the Oktaeder and it is about Air and the Intellect.

X Tiden (time) =Wheel of Fortune + Herre i Eld=King of Wands. The king here is reversed. The Dimmi asks me what possibilities I am offered at this time in my life. The king – even reversed, ask of me how I can use my courage.

Looking at the Tiden card I right away identify with the old man looking at the young man. The wasted life looking at the possibilities, like a warning. The king reversed is a warning against the extremes though, to temper my own judgement of myself. That is my challenge – to open my eyes and see the whole picture and to not think of everything as an ending.