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Crystal Visions Tarot

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New deck for the new week and the widget gave me Crystal Visions Tarot. This one I really did buy on a whim when Amazon had it really cheap. It is not my type of deck at all, too sweet and too many princesses with fairy wings and butterflies and unicorns. I am going to be 45 this summer and I left my princesses on a mountaintop with butterfly wings phase behind me when I was 9. So one can say I start off this week on a rather negative note. Almost deemed this deck as being ‘beneath’ me already… So I decided that the whole purpose of doing this deck of the week thing was to actively work with even the most unexpected decks. I have been surprised before.

I did a simple 3 card reading, like a deck-interview spread but with no set positions. First card is The Hermit and it tells me that to get to know this deck I need to make it a priority, let it be the guiding light, if only for a week. Don’t get too mesmerized by the other 110 decks laying around. It’s you and me baby and I’ll stick to you!

The second card is a herd of 8 unicorns symbolizing the 8 of wands. That is a lot of pointy horns coming at me, strong force and a lot of attention is called for here. I am quite hopeless in that I sometimes just can’t be bothered to do my daily cards if the deck is not intriguing enough. I need to apply some elbow-grease and just Do it! And do it fast and intuitively without too much analyzing.

The last card is the 3 of cups with is clearly a party going on. Celebrations come after success though. I also read this as a card of connections being made. AJ posted on the forum a call for us all to engage more in the reading exchange and yeah, I am all for it!