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Staging a drama

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This is the card for yesterday but I was too busy to post anything. It is the 7 of Cups from the Tarot of Transformation and the title for it is Drama Queen. And oh have we not all been there, staging a huge drama just to get noticed. This card according to the book is of theĀ stepmotherĀ of Snow White who is not happy when she is not proclaimed to be the BEST. She throws a fit and it ends up with a bloody mess.

But we don’t cause drama to be petty. We do it for the same reasons we stuff our selves with food or meds or drugs, to feel whole. The wound of the Drama Queen is the same we all carry, just she makes such a spectacle of it. Instead of doing this I should learn to just acknowledge my feelings, state them loud and clear and don’t throw a fit when people can’t read my mind, or when they don’t have the time or energy to put me first.