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Shipwrecked twice

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Peculiar title I know but I just have to write a few lines about my dream last night. I was living in a huge ship, made of metal sheets and somehow furnished in gilded wood work and worn red velvet with bunk-beds and silly little boltholes and books in heaps and old trunks where I kept my treasures. But the ship sank and I had to throw myself into the ocean and swim to harbour. Later I lived in another, rather similar but slightly weirder ship and I was busy sorting through my wet and moldy belongings when I heard the warning that this ship too was doomed to sink. So two shipwrecks in one dream. I was never really distressed though, more annoyed and looking for lost little trinkets.

CosmicThis weekend I switched deck again, this time to the 80:ies fave Cosmic Tarot by Lösche, published by AGMüller. It’s full of glammy but half-forgotten hollywood starlets. Blowdried huge hair, dark lipstick and hairy chests (on the men at least)

This is a deck I owned and traded and bought back just recently. It is actually rather pretty! But you do need to get over all the Clark Gables and Greta Garbos and even a Sigourney Weaver. It is not a deck if you want diversity, this is as rich white and straight as you can get. It does have on the the most stunning Star cards ever though.  I am hopeful I will post more on the deck later this week.


Masonic – end of a week

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I know I haven’t posted a lot at all lately but will just share a few of the cards I pulled this last week from the Masonic Tarot. While I didn’t divide the deck in majors and minors it is clear from looking at the deck that the previous owner used only the majors and for some reason those where what came up for me these last few days too. (+ the Ace of Wands and the Ace of Coins, not shown here)

It’s a stunning deck, large long cards, great cardstock and with a sheen to the coppery coloured details in the images. The LWB is rather large but only goes into the majors and focus on the geometrical shapes and their meaning. All in all an interesting deck but one I wish I had more background in. Even though the minors are more or less ‘pips’ I quite like them and they provide just enough detail to remain interesting.

I really had more of a book-week then a tarot-week though. I set a goal of reading 150 books in 2013 and so far finished 10 and got a lot on the way. Right now I am reading this sci-fi ‘Wool’ by Hugh Howey. Highly recommended. I also went to the library and picked up a little stack even though I got a bookshelf filled with books to read already. I finished 2 by Joyce Carol Oates ‘Beasts’ and ‘Rape – a love story’ but were good but not amazing.

Oh and before I go – a dream. I was constructing houses again, from old dilapidated carparks and boat-yards. Floor boards old and grayed and thin like wafers, rope ladders winding up and down between half-built floors, couches and old flowerpots with stashed away bottles of tequila and cigars, pages torn from books all over the place and me trying to read them, to make sense of it all, to make it all come together into a whole finished thing.

A tarot myth

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While there are lots of myths around the creation of the tarot already, why not make your own?

Once upon a time there was an enormous library, not like the one in Alexandria, but a library of Dreams. This is where dreamers came to live inside their dreamworlds and when the dreamers woke up, the dreams gently settled into the library shelves again, ready for the next dream.

One day there was a fire in the library of dreams and all active dreamers came running to try and save their special and most precious dreams from the flames.

But they had to leave with just a few fragments of them in their cupped hands, they returned to their bodies and the library was just a black exoskeleton like shell of a library.
Instead all the dreamers had just a small collection of private dreams, there was no exchange, no learning from each others dreams, in fact after a while it was as if dreams were not very important at all.
But a few of the dream-slivers they brought back with them crept out and inked themselves on paper.
The images on the papers began to spread out and met the dreamers again and a connection began to grow, the dreamers recognized their lost dreams, and not just their own run-aways but also those from when the big dream library was the hub of all dreamwork.
Many of them started to work with these images again and collected them in a deck of 78 cards, for the 78 dreams that escaped the fire.




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This morning I woke from such an amazing dream that I just have to copy it down here too. I was driving up a mountain, precarious drops, walls of snow and ice, the road winding serpentine up and up and up, the sky black and angry, then everything opening up, inside a mountain lies a lake, green trees and bushes in bloom, sunlight coming down in a shaft through the top of the mountain, almost like being inside a hollow volcano. A house with many many rooms, both secluded bedrooms and generously spaced out communal rooms with large panorama windows.

Just wanted to show part of why I am in such a grand mood today.

The card I pulled when I woke up is 4 of Fire from the DaVinci enigma tarot. The keyword under the picture is Celebration. The image show a group of 3 muses dancing, hair and dresses fluttering in the wind. The sketch is full of movement and life. The Dimmi question is: What is there to celebrate? And let me reply to that right now: It is Walpurgis! It is the eve before mayday when we burn away the dead of winter and blow kisses to the spring. This evening we will gather with our loved ones, eat well, look at the fires, talk and laugh and sway and jump and dance in the joy of spring. There might be plans for the garden made too. We will eat our BBQ and pour over seed-catalogues and note-books.

Grate (sic!) family

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The title refer to my dream of last night. I do try to always give my dreams a title, the cheesier the better.

I was inventing things. One of the things I was working with was a thing to help you lift those heavy iron grates you see on the roads where excess rainwater pours down. I was violently opposed while doing this invention by a team of researchers that questioned the very purpose of even doing this. The thing I invented was a large plate in metal with an engraving of a family, looking almost too happy and underneath was a clasping mechanism to clasp around the bars in the iron grate and somehow that engraving would give you the power needed to lift the heavy lid off. I was questioned about my reasons for inventing this thing, the reason to even go mucking about down there in the drainage but I felt it was very important, it was vital for me to have this tool because I needed to find something prescious, a little treasure I lost down there and so had many others too.
I wrote all this down in one long sentance after waking up. I had the image of a beautiful shining pearl, glowing softly in the mud deep down and I really needed to get it.

Right now my dreams are a lot closer then my cards. First card I pulled from the True Love Tarot was the Queen of shells. Hmm ok. Pretty lady surrounded by shells… It just left me cold. Next card, The Star. Another lady almost dropping her dress is blowing a horn. *yawn* but wait! There is something there, somehow the dark sun and moons, below the horizon, the bright star shining remind me of that feeling of seeing the pearl in the mud. You need darkness to find dreams and treasures. Sometimes, just a tiny bit of light is all you need.

Also did a practice draw with the Pixie Lenormand and got Key – Tree – Crossroad. Right now for me that reads as spiritual lesson, which is vague. I need to pick it down a notch, into real life. I need to think about that one some more…

Dream of bees

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I dreamt of tarot cards again, of climbing tree-tops to catch them in the wind, I climbed down again with my bounty and found a neat stack of tarots. They were beautiful, mainly sepia/gold tones and the cards were double-sided, the artwork continued, or was reflected on the backsides. 5 of Cups was a woman dressed in gray named sorrow and the cups were stacked and partly overturned on the other side of the card. The first card I got was the oddest one. It was the honeybee card and made me think of sweetness, comfort and warmth. The 3 of cups I vaguely remember being 3 frogs jumping around a pond with lotus flowers.

As you might have guessed, they were dream cards and as such I can’t very well display and scans :-p One other thing from my dream though was the distinct feeling that we shared actual space with spirits (wich is a clue I was in the astral) I had a spirit laying out my deck of cards in a spread of 8 cards in 2 rows and he/she/it kept turning around and told me to stay focused on the matter at hand. And for the 5 of cups he asked me what side I wanted up – the lady sorrow or the cups. The bee card I just held close to my heart. My heart could hear them buzzing.

Suspended in anticipation

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Silicon DawnCan you read in your dreams? I can but I am also aware the the book might fall apart like fairy’s dust any second. For me reading in a dream is a cue sign to becoming lucid. Reason I bring it up was that I fell asleep this morning with a book in hand and in the dream it turned into something else entirely, a green leather bound travel-journal. Woke up to my mother knocking on my front door with a paperbag with flowers for me! Such a nice start of the day, first the dream then the flowers.

I had taken today’s card before going to bed and it was 12 – usually called the hanged man, here unnamed. She is hanging in a cocoon, like a butterfly to be. She just gives me that same feeling as dream-reading. It is exhilarating but fleeting. Soon, soon, it will be over and the moment is gone. Replaced with something new! But THIS, this right NOW, will never be again. What will come might be glorious or numbingly dull. Who knows.