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Longer days

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Don’t you just love it when the days get longer, and warmer! Somehow the Enochian tarot is feeling too cool for me this late in the week so this is my last draw with it – for now. It is a nice enough deck but I never did bother to get immersed into the Enochian world of angels and watch towers, I just looked at the pictures.

This last card is nr 3. ZOM – The Magus. All is One, he is connected to the spirits/guides/illusions, perhaps he is both creating and destroying them with his staff and blade. That dagger will cut through the confusing and warbled images that his staff summoned. His mind will sort through it all and pick the straight truth. His key-words (wards) is Creativity, control and mastery.

Starting today I think I will be mainly using Mary-El and I might just keep using it a bit longer then one short week. It is such a full-blooded deck, it will keep my attention some time.

Other things that keep my attention right now is my new Kindle. Right this minute I am reading the ‘Wolves of the Calla’ by Stephen King, part is The Dark Tower. Just finished the ‘Wizard and Glass’ and loved it. Also busy with some spring cleaning and today I am making Delicious Dinner: Chicken and red peppers and sugar-snaps in coco-milk with Tom Kha spices with rice.

Where the Real magic happens – the kitchen 😀 Before I go, a quote from ‘Wolves of the Calla’

 Time, Eddie had decided during this period, was in large part created by external events. When a lot of interesting shit was happening, time seemed to go by fast. If you got stuck with nothing but the usual boring shit, it slowed down. And when everything stopped happening, time apparently quit altogether. Just packed up and went to Coney Island. Weird but true.


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I got a bit overwhelmed by my mailman today. 3 packages arrived. My Kindle has stolen most of my time today, been filling it up with books and been reading some on it too. (I am in the middle of Wizard and glass by S. King) But I also cheated a little with the gorgeous Mary-El tarot, I just could not help myself. Other decks are Crystal Vision and a Jean Dodal TdM.

But back to the deck of the week – Enochian. I pulled another ‘suitor’ was my first thought. 61 Saiinov – Second Senior of Water. He is quite dark but not intimidation, stands with his feet in the water, hold out a glowing stone in his open palm and a bejeweled cup in his other, hold to his heart. They are shimmering and glowing with tendrils of light. In the background is like a snake of steam (water and fire) coiling all around him and connecting to his head.

The books says that the stone in his hand is a moonstone and that ‘The cup holds the wine on clairvoyance’ His keywords are Safe Haven, romance, help, prophecy come true so he is linked to Divination – a gift I gladly accept from todays enochian ‘suitor’ 😀

Go beyond comfort…

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I was feeling pretty good when the cat woke me up before 5am. I have this thing I do when he does that, I do an ‘intense-cuddling’ until he is fed up and then he go off to straighten his mushed up fur and let me sleep a little longer. I love living alone with just Charlie. So much cuteness and love for very little fuss.

Todays card from the Enochian Tarot is nr 46 HABIORO The First senior of Air. He looks like a suitor! Blond, with small wings and a short unassuming tunic. He is as down to earth as you can be when you are an angel and a senior of air and all that. Open smiling face. Holding a wand looking very phallic in one hand and in the other a red rose to his heart. He is taking a step towards me, but do I feel up to receiving  that red rose? What if Love with Capital L knocked on the door? I got a feeling I would slam the door in that smiling face.I am too set in my ways, too comfortable to all of a sudden share my space and time and energy with someone else. To adjust to another body and another mind. That takes a lot of work! It is funny looking at this photo of this mornings card and my cup of tea and the cute little tin with the brand new Melissa Lenormand that just arrived earlier, that on my journal in the background, in  bold letters of a cut up sticker is ‘Go beyond comfort’. I guess I need to work on that.

Oh and as a bonus here are the Melissa cards. So pretty!

Slow Sunday

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Both these are actually ‘minors’ but they reminded me of majors. The first made me think of the Tower. Then of magick going terribly wrong. It does look like both the figures on the ground and the angels in the sky are doing the best to torch that place. It is clearly meant to burn. It’s a nasty business but it needs to be done.

I took a second card to temper the harshness of the burning house and got what looks like The Fool, only conscious. One figure is beckoned to take the step over the edge. She will be received by both another angel and a soft cloud. This is The Fool being un-foolish. Making an informed decision.

I don’t really do these ‘readings’ as predictions, I just do them to make myself be more aware of my quite dull every-day life. Trying to find the connections. I wish I could share some exciting story about my day but all I got is this:

It’s been snowing again! Grrr. My feet got wet walking to the store. I made cookies! I cleaned my bedroom and the kitchen and I made tons of waffles for my brother. Hey, it’s Sunday, what did you expect? Riveting drama? I didn’t even burn the cookies.

Making it happen or letting it happen?

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Though I felt like a tarot burn-out the last few days I decided to try out the weirdest deck in my whole collection for the coming week. The Enochian Tarot by Gerald and Betty Schueler, painted by Sallie Ann Glassman in the late 80:ies.

I can’t even remember how and when I got this set but it is one I keep all by itself, away from all other decks, to only pick out when my curiosity grows too strong. It is such an odd set, hardly even tarot in the sense we normally view tarot. It has 30 majors and 56 minors divided in 4 suits of the 4 elements but all depicting angels. Or something, I am still unsure of just what this all means. Some of the cards are frankly creepy, like The Vault on the photo to the left.

As a ‘get to know you’ exercise I decided to simply look at the pictures, read the titles and worry about the book later. They read surprisingly well! Glassmans paintings are evoking a lot of emotions.

I pulled this card last night and felt immediately drawn to it. I sat with it in the sofa, sipping tea and thinking. Imagining I was there, watching down on this scene. What is it I am seeing? A large whirlpool in the otherwise still deep blue ocean. Around the edge are figures swimming in synchronicity. Are they creating the whirlpool or struggling against it? I think they are causing it. Creating change, causing a pull down-wards. Working together to create change in harmony with their will. Magick happening.  Water is so pliable too. As is our emotions, we can barely contain them. They run deep but unless we stir it up – we become stagnant.

Checking my thoughts against the LWB: ‘Meaning: Motion, flux, creative action, luxury’ Not so sure I get the luxury bit though.

I think I am gonna try one of the spreads in the book later this week. Reading it first intuitively and then with the book.