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The Lovers

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The Lovers

Being a grumpy old spinster I never felt a real affinity to The Lovers and I don’t really see it as a card of ‘Choices’. The Tarot is filled with cards about choices, you mean to tell me there are only 1 card about romance and it is not The Lovers? I don’t think so…
However Love can be a lot. As for choices, sometimes we make choices between who to love, how to love, how many to love, how long to love something and how hard.
I feel like I am standing outside of this card, like I am not letting it in. Sometimes I wish I had the butterflies, the passion, the connection, but I guess I made the choice to NOT be a Lover.

TdM lovers

Some of my favorite Lovers cards are from the Mary-El and the Gill tarot
fave lovers

The Gill is rather traditional but the Mary-El is just shimmering! It is red and warm with passion, the background being a labia, almost obscene for the prude. Both cards picture what I feel is the important thing in the card, Love of the heart in all ways, fleshy as well as spiritual and regulated.
While I some days can miss one kind of love, I am just not the person for the other kind…


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Many hierophants

Installment in the never-ending and rather lazy serie of Fave Cards. Well, the Hierophant is a tricky card to love. He is kinda old and stuffy and can feel judgmental. Pointing with the whole hand and all that. But I took out a whole lot of Hierophants and laid them out and thought about what aspects of the card I like.

Fave HierophantsHe will carry tradition, he will communicate knowledge (not always wisdom) and he will show a way and provide a key. The first card is from Jolanda Tarot and I like it for the elephants on his robe for memory and the bull for a certain stubbornness. The middle card is from a deck I never really used, Housewifes tarot. It just feels so right to have a radio/TV anything that is a one-way communication. Only in the last picture do we see the hint of a more open communication cause the Hierophant from Silicon Dawn tarot makes me think of cyberspace and the internet and the many many ‘truths’ we find there where we meet self-proclaimed Hierophants all over Facebook.

These days we don’t really need anyone to be the middle hand between us an the Mystery. We all strive to be the channel to our own inner Angel. So perhaps we need to open the archetype up. I see the major difference between the High Priestess and the Hierophant not in gender or what their secrets are but in how they share it. When the High Priestess sits silent and alone the Hierophant at least tries to connect, to teach. It’s not always what we want or need to learn of course. Perhaps this card can challenge me and ask me how I share my wisdom and knowledge? Do I shout it out like a radio, try to charge you for a certificate online or am I a co-learner/teacher. I want my Hierophant a little like Wikipedia!


Favorite Emperor

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I have been stuck on this card some time now, not because I didn’t know what my favorite cards were, but because I couldn’t really figure out Why. But perhaps I just like these cause they are very expressive of a for me sympathetic masculinity. They seem wise, warm and present.

The Mary-El Emperor is one of my favorite cards in the whole deck, which is rare, cause usually it is a card that I don’t like a lot in other decks. I love the far-gazing eyes, the sword ready, the firefly and even the little snirklishness in his ears. (I just invented that word) He looks like the kind of man I would like to have on my side. I love the little fish on his sword and how Marie White connects him to the Fisher King and how he IS the land. I am thinking how lucky a girl would be to have this Emperor as her father.

This is my second favorite Emperor. Such a classic, once again a profile, this time the Emperors gaze is towards his Empress. It is a warm orange, not a threatening volcano but a warming hearth. His tunic full of the snirklishness again and plants and bees.  And I love the two bucks with their curly horns in the back, bringing in solidity and a streak of stubbornness.


Photos and Mary-El and a lot of Empresses.

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This is gonna be pretty image-heavy since I been lazy in updating and do it all at once. First image is of what the mailman brought me this morning! It is Promethea by Alan Moore, a journey through the Tree of Life in the comic form. If I like it, I will get the rest of them. There is also the brand-spanking new Tarot Playbook by Lynda Cowles which looks AMAZING so much photos and fun stuff! (plus I made an awesome bananacake for my coffee) Just checked out the game for the Empress card and it is about writing a love-letter to your deck 😀

Last night I sat me down and went through all the cards in the Mary-El to pick out my favorites. It was hard. The first batch was around 55 cards. Then I narrowed it down progressively until I had about 7 and here they are!

The Tower is one of my faves in any deck, like the liberty statue struck by lightning, will she collapse or will she stand firm? She will be seared and perhaps scared and even charred. The Knight of Wands I love cause he is showing us the scar and the power for the flash in the Tower. The 5 of Disks show us his heart – the earth. The 5 of swords, Athena with her owls, The Charior an inuit and her sled-dogs and the Empress (more on her later) gathering the apples in her dress. 3 of Disks an inuit family swept in warm fur or hair, like organs in the same body.

I could pick almost any card. I also notice that if I pulled a card as daily card, it does leave an imprint on me. I could easily use this deck for a year.

I also pulled out a whole lot of Empress cards to do a post on my fave card. It was fun! I found some unexpected ones.

There was this theme in them of the Motherhood, but there is also the Empress as the ‘Other’ the different then yet relating to the Emperor. The warrior Bride. Klimt is one of those.

One very odd Empress is from Circle of Life. It is a Lo Scarabeo deck so it is to be expected, most of their stuff is pretty outside-the-box.


She looks like a wild woman seeing her reflection for the first time. The image makes me think of how I am for good and bad a distorted reflection of my mother but also how the reflection is not the Truth. We are so much more then what can be seen in a mirror – or the mirror of someone else.


So here are my 2 favorite Empresses:  Cosmic Tribe and Mary-El. (I tend to always favorite the current deck, I just can’t help it) The Cosmic Tribe was a bit unexpected. I always said my fave was from the Gill tarot – the green woman/mountain. But this convey the same idea in a more down-to-earth way. I can’t really see myself in that image of a Mountain Goddess – but I can see myself here.

The thing I love most about the Mary-El is that she is NOT the fat fertility Goddess, she is a providing mother, taking her baby on her back and goes to work at feeding her family.

Thanks to Jenny for reminding me about the Cosmic Tribe, it is a real treasure I often forget about cause I just stick it on a shoebox inside a cupboard. It will come out and play more this summer for sure.

Right now I am pulling out the Queens from Mary-El but more on that later. I guess I just feel like exploring the feminine side this week 😀

Favorite High Priestess

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This one was easy. The High Priestess is one of those cards that really stick with most tarot readers cause we in many ways identify with it, or aspire to it. My first one is from the Victorian Romantic tarot it is the Pythia, the oracle of Delphi, Priestess of Apollo being drunk by the fumes.

The second is from the Jolanda Tarot and I like it cause it shows her just as I see her in my mind, smiling, virginal, Artemis with the bow but also Apollo with the lyre, Gimel the camel traversing the abyss, the moon.

The last one is brand new to me, from the Langustl tarot but just look at it! So forceful and immediate in it’s symbolism. Click play to see and hear the artist talk about this card himself.


A few Magicians

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Just showing off a small collection of Magicians. They are all quite different. If there is a ‘theme’ here it is how they open their arms and show their hearts.

Only a few stand in that typical Magician-stance, with one arm pointing up to the sky and the other down to earth.

Most of them are wearing a red cape or robe, the colour of Passion. Most of them are male, but I see that more as an aspect of them being Yang, an active out-reaching force. Clearly a whole lot of them could be any gender.

Ok so here are my top 3 and they surprised me! It took me a long time to pick just these. If I were to do it again next week I might switch out one or two.

The first one is the Magician from the Tarot of Prague by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony. This is a handsome Magician with all the thing I want to see in the card, traditional pose, red robe,  the table with the tools, and then in the background we see Mercury with his caduceus wand. Also reading the book for the deck we learn that the statue in this card is of Jan Neruda, a poet and author.

The middle card is from the Sheridan-Douglas tarot and is based on the early Tarot de Marseille decks. It is simple, primal colours but effective. We get all we need to know from just this basic pattern.

The last card is the odd one really. It is from Tarot of the Old path and show us the way of the Shaman. This is a new deck for me but this card really called out to me, the shaman looks wild, like he is about to transform into a beast any moment, or maybe he just turned back and is now using the rune stones to divine about the experience.


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Inspired by Tarot Bonkers!  I decided to see if I could find my own favorite cards from my collection of decks. First card out – The Fool, is not really a favorite card at all. I never could connect much to it, see myself in this specific card. Of course we are all foolish! But The Fool seems to me to be so much more then that. Some intermingled sense of being child-like, innocent and curious, daring, but also driven, to have a passion. In life I been all those things, but hardly ever all at once.

In order the Fools I posted here are from: Tarot of the Spirit, Transformational and Fourniers TdM. I wanted to include the Fournier Fool mainly cause it was my first one 😀 This is my very first tarot deck bought in late 1980:ies and this was the first card I saw as I unwrapped the deck. It is the Essential Fool for me. Notice that we can’t really tell where he is walking, and neither can he of course. But we don’t see the abyss here, just a bum in a bumpy road. See, I could relate to this card back then, cause I was just like that, a bum on a bumpy road, no idea what I was gonna do, had no home, no money, no family or friends near-by. I was a student waiting in line to get a dorm-room in a new city. I spent my days reading thick novels and drinking cheap coffee. Crashing in sofas, getting drunk a lot, sleeping around. Somehow I got my shit together, got a dormroom, made tons of friends, did excellent in all my exams and so on. But I do remember being quite happy at my bum-phase too. I was happy being that fool. And I was happy finding this fool in that pack of cards.

The Fool to the left is from Tarot of the Spirit and I love it for the stepping out into the abyss/astral. This is my Dream Fool with a dainty purse too! Red rose for passion on the forward leaping foot, white rose for purity of purpose in the hand. I guess this is The Fool I aspire to become. The Dagaz Fool, standing between night and day. This is me Fooling around in the Astral in my dreams.

The Fool in the middle is the pretty little Fool. It is from Arnell Ando’s Transformational Tarot. I think really the cool thing about it that I love is the bubbles (that and the forest that looks like ferns or sea-weed makes me think of this as a little deep-ocean diver) and the female-headed owl.