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This week I am using a brand new deck (for me) the Fey Tarot. I got it with a book too.  It is published by Lo Scarabeo and the artist is Mara Aghem and the writer is Riccardo Minetti (who is just awesome) The deck is a bit Thothy. At least I feel like that. The book has some nice spread I want to try out later too.

This is not the first card I pulled from the Fey, just the first I blog about. The tower is usually quite ominous. Here though, I really like the idea of the Tower as a prison falling away, setting us free. Still scary, just look at those pterodactyls flying about, but also liberating. Time for some big changes we might not like at first.

My ordinary day is far less dramatic, but I do see it mirrored in this card. Today I took the final step and cleared out my balcony for the winter, took in the rugs and chairs and flower-pots, it is bare now, waiting for the snow to cover it. Sad, but inevitable.