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Time and straw will ripen the Medlar. I had to wiki-pedia Medlar. It’s a fruit too hard and bitter to eat before it has had some time in the frost. It will then appear to be rotten but has a soft and sweet flavour. Of course the medieval times being rather misogynistic they had to compare it to women: ‘ women are like medlars._no sooner ripe but rotten’

That is one thing that really stands out with these cards, the view of women. Unfortunately, reading the daily paper online and the readers posts to the articles I see things have not changed much. If a woman is strong and stands up for her self she is a nut-busting feminist and a man-hater, if she is not she is a victim that should get a grip and stop whining. The pink ribbon campaign produces an endless stream of angry men complaining that women ‘steal’ all funds for cancer research and that no one cries over men with prostate cancer. Teenage anorexic girls getting help will cause a riot among men who says it is unfair for all the boys with eating disorders. Women suing for rape gets called out for being lose… Ok so I should stop read those comments on Aftonbladet… But it is really sad to see the enormous backlash of gender equality in my so called progressive country.

Now this card didn’t even have a woman in them so I went off on a tangent there.