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Todays card is showing us a woman wearing the pants – or underpants at least. The proverb says that: ‘Sad is the house where the hen sings and the cock is silent’  Of course that is sad only for the cock himself. We should be thankful for the equality we gotten just these last 100 years. When this card was made a thing like women voting was unheard of, as was any kind of higher education. I do wonder though if not the man in this card actually enjoy his position, while it might be shameful to be a submissive man in public, being called out for being ‘under the heel’ there are a fair amount of men (and women of course) that chose that style of life and wouldn’t know what to do without a strong partner calling the shots. Her being in what looks like her undergarments does add a little sexual twist to it all too.

Today I am a happy hen, singing loudly in a cock-less house 😀