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Shustah one sentence

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Pages of Shustah 18feb

Today I pulled Green Guard Dog, Cancer and Red Spying Page. My one sentence for this draw would be: Beware of emotional manipulation. The Green Dog is for protection and being safe, Cancer is my sun-sign and highly emotional and finally the Red Page stands for someone quite sneaky and manipulative. I can see myself as that Red Page, I sometimes let my emotions get the better of me and snap and lashes out in a passive-aggressive way. So the manipulation need not come from anyone else. It comes from a place where I am not feeling safe and loved.

Shustah for Sunday

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Shustah 17

Yellow Little Fool – Yellow Horse – Green Dog

Yellow cards are for Creativity and Green cards are for Growth. A bit like Yellow = Wands and Green = Pentacles. I jotted down a little on a post-it this morning and on it I got something like this ‘-> -> -X ‘ I guess what I meant was that the 2 yellow cards suggested a movement forward that then stopped at the fence by the Green Dog. The Premise is that I need to experience more, be more involved, play more. The Problem is that I should not settle, I need bigger goals. The Result is that I need to proceed with caution and wisdom, I am protected.

Well, the study group didn’t reach the yellow cards yet so this is just my ramblings…