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Many hierophants

Installment in the never-ending and rather lazy serie of Fave Cards. Well, the Hierophant is a tricky card to love. He is kinda old and stuffy and can feel judgmental. Pointing with the whole hand and all that. But I took out a whole lot of Hierophants and laid them out and thought about what aspects of the card I like.

Fave HierophantsHe will carry tradition, he will communicate knowledge (not always wisdom) and he will show a way and provide a key. The first card is from Jolanda Tarot and I like it for the elephants on his robe for memory and the bull for a certain stubbornness. The middle card is from a deck I never really used, Housewifes tarot. It just feels so right to have a radio/TV anything that is a one-way communication. Only in the last picture do we see the hint of a more open communication cause the Hierophant from Silicon Dawn tarot makes me think of cyberspace and the internet and the many many ‘truths’ we find there where we meet self-proclaimed Hierophants all over Facebook.

These days we don’t really need anyone to be the middle hand between us an the Mystery. We all strive to be the channel to our own inner Angel. So perhaps we need to open the archetype up. I see the major difference between the High Priestess and the Hierophant not in gender or what their secrets are but in how they share it. When the High Priestess sits silent and alone the Hierophant at least tries to connect, to teach. It’s not always what we want or need to learn of course. Perhaps this card can challenge me and ask me how I share my wisdom and knowledge? Do I shout it out like a radio, try to charge you for a certificate online or am I a co-learner/teacher. I want my Hierophant a little like Wikipedia!



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This hierophant is a great example of just how good Kat Black is with collaging this deck together. This image looks like a whole. Just like every part was there from the beginning, the cathedral, the pope, the staff, the monks… But they are from several different paintings. The role of a good spiritual shephard is to make sense out of disparate pieces, bringing order to chaos. Only problem is that our lives as humans are not as orderly as that. Too often the brining about of order is at a high cost, that of free thought and expression.

Right now there is a TV serie in just 3 parts that I am watching called ‘Torka aldrig t√•rar utan handskar’ (never wipe tears without gloves) and it is about the lives of a group of homosexuals in the 80:ies, just around the outbreak of AIDS and one of the persons is a Jehovas Witness. The TV show is so to the point, so exactly and so devastating in the way it shows how Jehova’s Witnesses did and still do shun everyone not in the fold of the¬†righteous. No wonder so many of us have problems with this card, with this kind of authority.

Cool down

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Combining cards from today and last night. These two work rather well together. The Hierophant is actually based on a photo of Klimt himself, he looks so kind and friendly here. On the photo he is cradling a cat – here the cat is gone and he is shown as protecting his heart instead. When I see this pose and next to it Temperance cooling down the head it makes perfect sense. There are lots of heated emotions in my extended family right now. Nothing that concerns me personally but I hate to see people I love hurt each other yet I know that in this situation – I really do need to protect my heart and keep a cool head. As to not add to an infected situation I gracefully step out of it and just offer what support I can on a neutral ground.