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Favorite High Priestess

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This one was easy. The High Priestess is one of those cards that really stick with most tarot readers cause we in many ways identify with it, or aspire to it. My first one is from the Victorian Romantic tarot it is the Pythia, the oracle of Delphi, Priestess of Apollo being drunk by the fumes.

The second is from the Jolanda Tarot and I like it cause it shows her just as I see her in my mind, smiling, virginal, Artemis with the bow but also Apollo with the lyre, Gimel the camel traversing the abyss, the moon.

The last one is brand new to me, from the Langustl tarot but just look at it! So forceful and immediate in it’s symbolism. Click play to see and hear the artist talk about this card himself.


Foxy Lady

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Corn-Cloud Woman Santa FeThe High Priestess is here called Corn-Cloud Woman and I think the story about her must be fascinating but alas, I don’t got the book. By the Little White Book she is guarded by butterflies that also show off her beauty, and in her hands is a medicine bag and a weasel bag but I be darned if that is not actually a fox she is holding. Foxes like weasels are both cunning and quick though. The feathers on her head is also for ‘far-reaching thought’ I like that!

She is a clever lady this one, I like that the fox gives her a more ‘street-smart’ air then just the commonly spiritual high and all that. I feel her. Her dress in 3 parts are like arrows pointing up, the feathers and the butterflies also seem to indicate something more ‘airy’ and spiritual. She clearly needs that fox to keep her wits about her.

I was close to giving up on this deck until I bought the book at least but decided to stick it out, just a few more days. There are stories here! Maybe I don’t know the Navajo stories, but there are still stories…  I am thinking I am gonna pull a card a day and then see later in the week what kind of story it is… Right now, we got a sassy wise foxy lady with tricks in her bag and a pure connection to the Spirit. It’s a good heroine to start us off.