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Masonic Tarot

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With the weekend comes the picking of a new deck. I decided to go with one of my most desired decks, that I haven’t used yet perhaps out of fear that it would not live up to the expectations. It’s the Masonic Tarot made by┬áJean Bouchard. I actually got it for a fair price thanks for the investigators at AT forum who found out where in France to order it. The Majors is what makes this deck so lovely. But the Minors are not too bad either, I am learning to like them more and more.

MasonicTodays couple is 7 of Coins and Justice. For some reason though I kept mistaking it for the 5 of Coins instead of the 7 – all day long. Perhaps the lazy side of me somehow prefers the defeat rather then accepting the work… Cause that is how I see it. The little ladle for building clearly pointing to me the value of a sound foundation before the lofty goals and ideals of Justice.

I love this color for the Justice, so red it is impossible to not be affected. And the pomegranate exploding it’s seeds. Huddling down below the Justice face is a group of clerics. Did they do their ground-work? Does their judgment rest on a solid ground? I quite like to think that they are at least striving towards it. And I do like that they are there, cause true justice is not a solitary thing, it is only achieved when we all work together.


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Todays card is Maat from Daughters of the Moon tarot. She is Justice, but more then just human justice, she is the Law, the order of the Universe, the Divine measure. I am not so fond of this image though. Maat is always pictured as a young woman with a feather, she is young cause she is a principle more then a Goddess. I understand that the scope of Daughters of the Moon is to be an inclusive deck, to portray all races and ages, but making her into an old black woman just don’t feel right to me. I spent plenty of time with Maat in meditation as a probationer while studying the Golden Dawn curriculum. I know it is a minor thing, but in my mind I have a clear picture of Maat and it is just nothing like what I see on this card. It is a bit jarring. Also why does the sun look pissed off?

Maat from Wikipedia.

Oh anyone know how to knit or crochet a round bag for a deck? The green one I made has a strange fit but better then nothing I guess.