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Langustl Tarot

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This is one of my last buys. It is a self-produced deck with paintings in bold shapes and clear and vivid colours. The creator Stephan Lange also has a Lenormand in the works that I can’t wait to buy. The cards are large but what looks ‘simple’ in design is actually quite packed with symbolism. It sticks close to the RWS system but is far from a clone. I think the deck is sold out right now, I was lucky to get one of the last 😀

Todays card is 9 Swords. A figure is hiding her face in her hands, trapped behind 6 swords and with another 3 hanging over her head.

Our thought can trap us in fear and negative self-doubt, so much that it paralyzes us to move away from real danger. Well this is the more common interpretation if the card.

Sword = thoughts in Yesod the world of dreams can turn into a nitemare. But it is also an opportunity for some real learning if we can move past the initial discomfort.

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It is safe to say I an just not loving the Crystal Visions Tarot much. I can’t even be bothered to take a photo of my daily card, I just pull one, look at it, go ‘hmm, ok’ and put it back in the box. Meanwhile this week my mailman brought me two other decks that looks great. I haven’t had time to look through them yet though but will pick one of them for the next week.

The first I got was the Langustl Tarot. Bold lines and bright colours. It is a very expressive deck, just look at those hands, how they sort of tuck in the Chariot and wants to touch the fishies.


The second one was the Dame Fortune’s Wheel Tarot. Just looking through this quickly to count the cards made me smile, some of these cards are just brilliant. I love how the people in some of the minors looks so bored so they want to bash their own heads in the table. Like a medieval version and ‘facepalm’