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The Prague Mage

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Prag MageBurst of energy, creativity, inspiration etc. What I get from this card today is ‘Do it!’ And if you don’t know how then fake it. I’ll get the hang of it soon enough. In the background is Hermes, all about quickness, the messenger of the Gods but quite often with his own agenda. For me this is a warning to not take everything at face-value.

Cards used this week have been from the lovely Tarot of Prague by Magic Realist Press. It is one of my favorite decks and I am lucky enough to own a first edition and no, it will NEVER be for sale ūüėÄ

I also want to add a little note that I made a book-blog only in swedish though. I have been on Goodreads a while now and tried to review in my rather wobbly english, here is an oppertunity to review in my own language, with no censorship, no angry author comments, no deleted reviews and I won’t even drive traffic to Amazon! Click the image to see it.

Pixelina läser

Tricking and fixing

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALe Bateleur came up today (one might think I didn’t mix the deck properly but I did) That name in french always made me think of a sportsman, a batter for a team. He strikes for the goal. What he does is keep a keen eye on you and me while talking a lot and causing distractions so he can slip and slide those tools of his and make them appear in unexpected places. It’s all a trick, a play with time and movement and direction and focus.

The cubes gave me Turtle and Time. That is a trick too. The turtle only appears to be slow but in its lifetime it will achieve just about the same things any other animal and human.

Today I feel the weight of Time and wonder what it is I should have done to fulfill my purpose. We are born, live a little here and then we are gone, let’s just make the most of our days.

A few Magicians

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Just showing off a small collection of Magicians. They are all quite different. If there is a ‘theme’ here it is how they open their arms and show their hearts.

Only a few stand in that typical Magician-stance, with one arm pointing up to the sky and the other down to earth.

Most of them are wearing a red cape or robe, the colour of Passion. Most of them are male, but I see that more as an aspect of them being Yang, an active out-reaching force. Clearly a whole lot of them could be any gender.

Ok so here are my top 3 and they surprised me! It took me a long time to pick just these. If I were to do it again next week I might switch out one or two.

The first one is the Magician from the Tarot of Prague by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony. This is a handsome Magician with all the thing I want to see in the card, traditional pose, red robe,  the table with the tools, and then in the background we see Mercury with his caduceus wand. Also reading the book for the deck we learn that the statue in this card is of Jan Neruda, a poet and author.

The middle card is from the Sheridan-Douglas tarot and is based on the early Tarot de Marseille decks. It is simple, primal colours but effective. We get all we need to know from just this basic pattern.

The last card is the odd one really. It is from Tarot of the Old path and show us the way of the Shaman. This is a new deck for me but this card really called out to me, the shaman looks wild, like he is about to transform into a beast any moment, or maybe he just turned back and is now using the rune stones to divine about the experience.

Hasty snails

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True love

Well, they are shells, not snails, but I gotta at least try to be a little clever here. The hasty snails is of course refering to the pip-minors in this deck. For this ‘Will I love you?’ reading I picked 2 shells for outcome and then cringed. Not the best start. But let’s do it from the top.

Tell me about yourself: Magician. Goal oriented first came to mind and this is a deck with a rather one-track mind. It’s all about relationships, all about LUV! ‚̧ As an old spinster I will have to mold this to fit my own purpose cause I am really not out ‘on the market’ I am quite happy just me and Charlie the cat. The Magician is kinda solo too and he don’t look upset over it.

How do I best work with you: Hermit. Alone, in solitude, withdrawn, weeping in a glass of wine, forever lonely. No but perhaps this tells me to use it independently, closing in on details, seeing the¬†correspondences¬†in the world. Noticing the¬†synchronicity. It’s that little bird in the right corner that the Hermit is listening to that I like the most about this card. And the well, it is a well, right? (now it is) A well with green water and blossoms.

Outcome: Such a vague description too. Outcome of what? For how long? In my journal I (ironically) wrote down ‘I will fall madly and deeply in love with it and it will be just me and True Love forever and ever. Actually this very card told me that this would never be the case cause I hate the frigging pips. Really, they got like 15 minutes to do the minors? Off they go, back into the box with them. I might add the courts though, they are nice.

Oh and click this for a better pic of the nifty spread cloth my mom knitted for me: