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A little bit of Mary-El

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I been lacking in the blogging department but for good reasons, sometimes one just gotta step to the side and get other kinds of experiences, like just living, socializing, reading and live in the seconds of a forever Now! I have been looking at the Mary-El a lot though, but not actively reading with it or even journaling  much. And as you all see – blogging even less. Some of the cards I pulled this week though is of course The Tower (been deep into the world of Stephen King and Roland and his ka-tet traversing the Beam of the Bear to the Dark Tower) But also this chap (yes a Dark tower reference, right now Susannah/Mia is searching for the Dixie Pig where she is to have her chap) The Knight of Swords. I am a huge fan of owls and even though this one got spooky yellow and crazy eyes it works for me. Marie White did a very simple chart for the courts with just a few words. For the Knight of Swords she writes just ‘on a quest for Mind’

What is this Mind though? Sometimes it is hard to separate this elusive Mind from the heart. In general the reason why so many swords are negative is that they deal with worry, anticipated emotions, heart-stuff not yet in the heart/body. Swords are like arrows, they point in a direction, they are sharp with potential for great harm, but also they are not there yet. This Knight is on a Quest, not yet there. Like Rolands Ka-tet is spending at least 6 books just in the anticipation of getting there. But like any reader and author worth her salt, we all know that the Path is really the story, this is where we Live.

Oh and Charlie is as ever the watchful guardian of the tarot: