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Applying joy

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUsually when I get a new deck I will sit down and look through all cards and pull out those that immediately attracts me or repulses me. With the Oracle of Initiation I really like most cards but 3 or 4 jumped out at me and grabbed my attention (in a good way) and this was one of them. It is number 53 – Applying. It’s just such a happy card and I want to be that woman.

On Facebook people post these sentimental quotes on top of images of sunsets or kitten and usually I find them stupid. But last night someone posted one I really liked (posted down below) The world I lived in for some time now has been a bitter one and it has made me a bitter and angry person, filled with resentment and being all butt-hurt over perceived wrongs.

Lakshmi is the Goddess for this card. This is a bit from the texts in the book:

‘When Lakshmi appears in your cards, look for the dazzling enchantments that draw you to applying your greatest joys as an offering to the collective.’

So this weekend I am thinking of how and where I find my joy and how I could express it more, share joy instead of anger and resentment. Time to step away from hurt doesn’t mean to forgive, I don’t think I have it in me, but I can side-step away from the situation and simply chose not to have that person and those expectations in my life any more.



Commitment to a smile

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Oracle of InitiationThis year, starting in January I committed myself to fix my teeth. Due to neglect and a rather severe phobia for dentists and medicine that did nothing to improve my teeth they were in a bad shape and caused me a lot of pain and embarrassment. I promised myself that 2013 would be the year I get them sorted out, pulling broken wisdom-teeth and getting some replacement in a few gaps. It’s been going pretty up and down. Going in the first time I was scared stiff and cried a lot but I have a wonderful dentist and nurse that really made me feel at ease. Things didn’t go pain-free though. I pulled a broken tooth and it was connected to the sinuses and it was all very infected and I got a high fever and was down and out for a week and it didn’t help me with the anxiety levels. As of today I got one more mending to do and one very tricky wisdom tooth that is set far in and is hard to numb, last appointment we couldn’t have it fixed cause the anesthetic just would not take. So maybe I shared more than I should? I mean no one want people to know just how bad their teeth are after all. But it is all a part of my commitment, to own up to it and take steps to change it.

It’s my birthday the last of june and my hope is that by then I can fire off a dazzling smile and not feel ashamed. So all this about teeth for me is deeply connected to this card. Both about the word – Commitment. But I also see a bit of my fear in her face, the jagged rocks in the background like teeth, her closed mouth for not being done yet, still some steps to go. It’s not a pretty card but then if life was all pretty it wouldn’t be such a challenge to commit to things either.

Oracle of Initiation

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Oracle of initiation

A surprise package arrived yesterday/Monday, it was the Oracle of Initiation cards + book straight from the creator Mellissae Lucia with a sweet dedication. It’s a kit I wanted a long long time but never could afford but on Facebook Mellissae picked me out among all her fans 😀 The cards are large and glossy on the front and matte on the back, rounded corners and borderless with just a number and a title in the lower edge. The art is intuitive and evokes strong emotions. The book is big! 398 pages with the story of the artists process, tips on how to use the cards and a few pages for all the 66 cards. Interesting is that Mellissae invited others to contribute to it by their own reflections on the cards. This was a little about the kit. I will be using this one for at least a few weeks, first on its own and then perhaps pair it with a tarot.

oi45The first card I drew was 45. Identify. It falls under ‘The gateway of Balance’ (all cards are ‘sorted’ under 8 different modes) I kind of got from this card a mutual checking each other out, the deck and me. Just who are you and how will we work together? ‘Claim your voice’ writes Lucia here and this card met me with a curiosity, an openness.

Reading in the book I especially loved the text by Hillary Raimo who write that: I stare around the corner of truth. Looking at you, waiting to be seen. I live within your own shadow. To find me is to find yourself… When you remember me I will be the warrior full born. Join me and you join yourself…”