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Shustah but just very short

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Pages of Shustah 19

Today’s draw although only ‘positive’ cards feels more challenging to read then when I had the tougher, red, cards. I just don’t know what to do with all the blessings and success. Anyway, here we go: Blue Lord – Benevolence and blessings. Green Unicorn – Channeled energy. Blue Angel – Summer and success.

I did end up having a GREAT day though. Walking in the sunshine with my mom, coffee with a friend, new clothes, cake turned out great, dinner made to perfection! I feel like I cleared up a lot of old guilt and hurt, like a big spring cleaning.

Shustah one sentence

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Pages of Shustah 18feb

Today I pulled Green Guard Dog, Cancer and Red Spying Page. My one sentence for this draw would be: Beware of emotional manipulation. The Green Dog is for protection and being safe, Cancer is my sun-sign and highly emotional and finally the Red Page stands for someone quite sneaky and manipulative. I can see myself as that Red Page, I sometimes let my emotions get the better of me and snap and lashes out in a passive-aggressive way. So the manipulation need not come from anyone else. It comes from a place where I am not feeling safe and loved.

Shustah for Sunday

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Shustah 17

Yellow Little Fool – Yellow Horse – Green Dog

Yellow cards are for Creativity and Green cards are for Growth. A bit like Yellow = Wands and Green = Pentacles. I jotted down a little on a post-it this morning and on it I got something like this ‘-> -> -X ‘ I guess what I meant was that the 2 yellow cards suggested a movement forward that then stopped at the fence by the Green Dog. The Premise is that I need to experience more, be more involved, play more. The Problem is that I should not settle, I need bigger goals. The Result is that I need to proceed with caution and wisdom, I am protected.

Well, the study group didn’t reach the yellow cards yet so this is just my ramblings…

Shustah cards

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I picked out 2 decks for this week. First the Dodal TdM (Flornoy) and then the Pages of Shustah by Ann Manser that I will try and use all of this winter/spring. My Dodal draw was uneventful – The Papess (La Pances) I wrote a bit in my paperjournal but really, no grand insights.

Pages of ShustahMore interesting was the Pages of Shustah draw. I just pull 3 cards and see what happens. Often I don’t really ‘get’ anything until I let them lie out on the table a bit. The cards I picked were: Red Snake, Red Lord and Blue Road. Red cards are often Challenges. And the Snake is a clear warning, we humans often react instinctual when we see a snake curled like this. The Red Lord is (according to the book) telling us to let things unfold, to bend our will. The Blue cards are gentle and serene, but here we see a winding road and are asked if we really want to go back on our own tracks, or keep moving.

Look how both the Snake and the Road are winding backwards, back to the starting point. I can see how these cards are warning me (cause of the 2 RED cards) of going in circles. Perhaps I am too ‘bendy’ too willing to just let decisions be taken for me. There is an interesting phrase in the Book for the Red Lord:

‘To live in as close contact to ceiling of self as possible’

This challenge me to think of how close to the ‘ceiling’ of myself I live. Have I stretched myself to my limit? Or do I in fact got quite a bit to grow upward, spiritually…

Ice and sky

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Today has been such an amazing spring day, ice melting, water rushing, sun shining, wind blowing hard. There were ripples in the puddles in the street from the strong winds. Oh and I love the sound of gravel crunching under my shoes again on the bare patches in the road.

I already packed away the Aum tarot, I feel ready for something new. But today been a no-tarot day. I need those days too. I did pull two Shustah cards. I got the Yellow Witch-hazle and the Sacred Mushroom. No idea why the book insist it is sacred, of course in a way all living things are. But looking at this – it looks like something that might be poisonous really. The frogs under it don’t mind though. Today these cards make me think about the living world around me and the pleasure it brings. Nisaba reminded me about how good raspberry leaves are for cramps, and lucky me – I got some of it!

I do realize my blog might not be terribly interesting if you come here for tarot-readings and such. But there are so MANY blogs like that 😀 I can never do it as well as they do it anyway – so I do it my way.

Oh and you need to listen to this song and watch the amazing aurora photos.

Dancing on the inside

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The Universe is described in the book to the Aum tarot as a journey of self to Self. Man as a stair between earth and the sky. This card is when you speak in terms of the Tree of Life connecting Malkuth – our physical world – with Yesod the moon and the astral world of dreams. Usually this is a dancing hermaphrodite but here we see him/her dancing only on the inside, much like me today 😀

The five stars to the right is for the 5 elements but today they make me think of Jupiter and Venus, briefly meeting in the  sky. Someone on Facebook had posted this amazing photo of the two stars side by side above a split naked tree.

Today’s Pages of Shustah actually gave me a Page! The playing Page even, playing with a swirling twirling thread, the shapes recurring again in the vine beside the Chalice and in the swirls, like crop circles in the labyrinth card. A day of movement and dancing on the inside.


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This 4 of cups does look tainted, instead of the clear water in the Thoth 4 of cups we here see them filled with blood and some nasty green goo is sticking to them. The artist also scattered the lotus flowers and constricted the cups within a diamond shape and with what looks like an hourglass shape. Which is rather clever cause one meaning for this card is the 4:th dimension – time.  This is all a very confined space and limited time. A situation about to change.

My Shustah cards are lovely though, all treasures! The Blue diamond, Yellow treasure and then Virgo for mental clarity, a sharp mind.

I am having a reading period right now, I got no time for computers and on-line forums and facebook, I have to READ! Started The Night circus and it is lovely, re-reading The Art of Ritual, slowly working through the Fortune and Trobe Qabalah books. I dream of words fluttering, glittering, like a clear spring.