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March storms and feeling drained

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These cards should have been posted yesterday but I was too drained to do much of anything but whine and feeling to tired to open my mouth or type. Right now even going out is an adventure, the streets are looking like a ice-skating racing track and wind is hard, with an umbrella I could be blown to the Botten viken (botnian bay) just a few streets to the east of here.

Many people suffering from SAD are actually feeling worse in the spring when the light is returning. I don’t think I am particularly SAD, in any way, just a bit out of sorts. There is this immense vibrant Energy current on the way and it can just overload the whole system.

Todays card from the Aum tarot is the 8 of pentacles. I first thought a lot of the minors in this deck looked a little bland, not so this one! In the book the text on the minors is just a few lines. She writes for the eights that they stand for ‘a pensive standstill, a reshuffle‘ I thought  that was an interesting remark and it made me rethink my view of the eights. I always seen the fives as the chance for reshuffling and the eights as rather set in the pattern. Also the words don’t seem to mix with the image or even with each other, how is something both stand-still and a re-shuffle? Her specific words in that book for 8 of pentacles are just as cryptic: ‘Afterthought, learning anew‘ And that is all we are given, that and this vivid image of a green leaf growing up into the purple sky with eight red leaves coming off it and crowned by a moon crescent. On each red leaf a four-petal flower, like a turning wheel. The plant firmly rooted in the soil. This is such a strong and energetic image so the books phrases seem anemic.

I’ll post the Pages of Shustah a little later. I do wanna mention this book I just finished though. Portable Magic by Donald Tyson. I found a recommendation for it on the AT forums and picked it up cheap off Amazon and spent about 2 weeks reading it, a chapter at a time, trying out the ritual lay-outs. I don’t agree with all his premises such as how the human mind works and his attributions of the trumps to the zodiac and the Tree of Life etc. But I enjoyed the basic ritual setting, the chapter on creating a temporary tarot charm and how to evoke an elemental. The book does require you to have some basic experience with tarot, working in the astral and a little bit more astrology then I have (I did struggle with those the zodiac signs especially)

I really need to get a good basic book on Astrology soon.

3 cards 3/3

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Simple deck interview 3 card spread. Tarot of Prague. Copyright Magic Realist Press

1. Tell me about yourself: Knight of Pentacles – Air of Earth. This is a real work horse of a deck, solid and reliable. This has been a back-bone in my collection since I got it and it ain’t going anywhere 😀 This knight is standing still too as is his dog.

2. How do we connect? 4 of Cups. I might think I already know it all, being too focused on myself and my expectations/dreams and missing out on the task at hand. What ‘sheeps’ do I need to tend to this week? It feels like I sometimes go into life too much of a dreamer and misses out a lot of the real world bustling about around me.

3. Outcome or what will I have to learn? Page of Swords – Earth of Air. Same elements as in the first card. I see it as a challenge to bring my lofty dreamy ideas into reality, to actually DO and not just think. A detail that sticks out to me is that the Page is standing on what looks like the top of a chimney. When you sweep chimneys you get your hands dirty and perhaps that is what I will practice more of this week. Being more in the moment and connect my inner life to my outer, rather stagnant one.

Monday mail

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Dreamed of being on the road. I was given a job that stole all my time but gave back in security and stimulation. While I cannot remember exactly what it was I know it was something that kept me on the move. I took a tram to work and lived in a remodeled train. I woke up feeling invigorated and happy.

Today I picked 2 cards from the Yoga tarot again. No positions, just to get a general view. The first was Ace of Pentacles. A square of earth, a seed and sprouts, what looks like veins encircling it. Gift of Life. The LWB asks: ‘What kind of person do I want to be?’ I want to be growing outwards while keeping my roots firmly planted, deep and strong.

The second card was 3 of Cups. A man in an astral landscape. A trident in his hand spearing a lotus. Or rather, showing it off. Displaying the lotus, the prongs do not penetrate it.  From the LWB again: ‘The path of the heart has been traveled and the act of loving becomes meditation’ My thoughts to this is How do I show my heart? True love carry no fear.

Oh and I got a package today with next weeks deck. The Italian proverbs as I call it ‘Proverbi Figurati’. And Sharyn also sent me a rose-quarts pendulum that I will keep. Cleansed it and ‘programmed’ it to myself just now. (I program it simply by asking it to show me yes and no) The Proverbs will continue their journey to someone else in our group after the week with me.

Sticking my neck out

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Yesterday I had a friend over for some coffee and a chat and I did little Lenormand reading for him, using the book. It went remarkably well. I got a feeling they work better for others then me reading them for myself though. But I am pulling a few every day and write in my journal, we will see in due time how correct they are. They do feel a lot more predictive then tarot, or at least then how I use tarot.

Todays Yoga tarot cards are 10 of Pentacles and 6 of Wands. First off – there is no way I will even attempt any of those asanas. The first would kill me and the second cripple me for life. The LWB here is cryptic, for 10 of Pentacles it says: ‘Am I ready to spend what I created?’ This asana would require an excellent balance and incredibly strength in the neck and spine. My question is Am I holding my head high? Or am I spineless?

The 6 of Wands show a woman in a wheel like asana. To me it looks like she is leading a dance, many small dancing people are around her. The LWB tells me that ‘I do not possess nor am I possessed’ I am free, I am my own center.

How to relate this to my day? Well, one thing I did was to grab the phone and actually call my landlord up and tell him in a strong voice that I am not happy with paying full rent due to how cold my apartment has been and that my neighbour, who do not have it in her to speak up for herself, should also have lower rent. And he agreed! So we now did get a small rent-reduction.  I stood up for myself – and another – on the phone despite me having a really hard time ever ‘demanding’ anything, especially over the phone. I am proud of myself. It may seem silly to others but for me it is a big step 😀

Also recording here todays Lenormand draw. Tower – Mountain – Storks. My book tells me this might mean a legal setback or delay in a home situation. Which don’t make much sense.