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Grate (sic!) family

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The title refer to my dream of last night. I do try to always give my dreams a title, the cheesier the better.

I was inventing things. One of the things I was working with was a thing to help you lift those heavy iron grates you see on the roads where excess rainwater pours down. I was violently opposed while doing this invention by a team of researchers that questioned the very purpose of even doing this. The thing I invented was a large plate in metal with an engraving of a family, looking almost too happy and underneath was a clasping mechanism to clasp around the bars in the iron grate and somehow that engraving would give you the power needed to lift the heavy lid off. I was questioned about my reasons for inventing this thing, the reason to even go mucking about down there in the drainage but I felt it was very important, it was vital for me to have this tool because I needed to find something prescious, a little treasure I lost down there and so had many others too.
I wrote all this down in one long sentance after waking up. I had the image of a beautiful shining pearl, glowing softly in the mud deep down and I really needed to get it.

Right now my dreams are a lot closer then my cards. First card I pulled from the True Love Tarot was the Queen of shells. Hmm ok. Pretty lady surrounded by shells… It just left me cold. Next card, The Star. Another lady almost dropping her dress is blowing a horn. *yawn* but wait! There is something there, somehow the dark sun and moons, below the horizon, the bright star shining remind me of that feeling of seeing the pearl in the mud. You need darkness to find dreams and treasures. Sometimes, just a tiny bit of light is all you need.

Also did a practice draw with the Pixie Lenormand and got Key – Tree – Crossroad. Right now for me that reads as spiritual lesson, which is vague. I need to pick it down a notch, into real life. I need to think about that one some more…