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Not in a hurry

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“I rather ride an ass, which I lead, than a horse, that will throw me to the ground” There is a bit of finger-pointing going on here and I can just imagine how the man on the ass is snickering at the one being thrown on his ass into the ground. This is my last day with the Italian Proverbs and I gone through all the cards, trying to picture myself how the world was back then. That horse was the fastest means of transportation available to man. No news traveled faster then the legs of a stallion. Everyone you met was just like you, same race, same language, most likely same status and same religion as you. A fast horse was that periods SUV with GPS.

Looking at these proverbs I see that it is encouraged to take religion with a pinch of salt though, women with a bucket-full of salt and the best way of life is to listen much, see much and talk very little. Live a slow and quite life and you will keep it a long time. But in the end, I imagine these people being rather like us in many ways, they grow up, fall in love, work hard, grow old and die just like us. But they did so in a world where famous people were famous for actually doing something, like discovering a new star, sailing to strange countries and bringing back coffee, by inventing things of creating things of beauty – not by being on Big Brother or having boob-jobs.

I am sending these cards off to another member of the Weekly Deck Group on monday. You can keep an eye out for them over here: 78 Mirrors


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He who takes the eel by the tail and a woman by her word will be empty-handed. Looks here like the beautiful lady caused him to lose  his grip on that slippery eel. Of course everyone knows that a womans word is slippery too, nothing to count on… Well, that is how it is in the world of proverbs, written by men, spoken by men. I am surprised really that they also pictured so many virtues as females. Justice and fortune, prudence, the fates,  all women. I guess the only women you can count on are mythological ones :-p

Today we have spring weather here and the streets are slippery too, not just the eels and the women… I’ll stay in with a pack of new novels and plenty of tea with a slightly failed fruitcake. (actually the darn cake is slippery too, too moist and mushy)


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Time and straw will ripen the Medlar. I had to wiki-pedia Medlar. It’s a fruit too hard and bitter to eat before it has had some time in the frost. It will then appear to be rotten but has a soft and sweet flavour. Of course the medieval times being rather misogynistic they had to compare it to women: ‘ women are like medlars._no sooner ripe but rotten’

That is one thing that really stands out with these cards, the view of women. Unfortunately, reading the daily paper online and the readers posts to the articles I see things have not changed much. If a woman is strong and stands up for her self she is a nut-busting feminist and a man-hater, if she is not she is a victim that should get a grip and stop whining. The pink ribbon campaign produces an endless stream of angry men complaining that women ‘steal’ all funds for cancer research and that no one cries over men with prostate cancer. Teenage anorexic girls getting help will cause a riot among men who says it is unfair for all the boys with eating disorders. Women suing for rape gets called out for being lose… Ok so I should stop read those comments on Aftonbladet… But it is really sad to see the enormous backlash of gender equality in my so called progressive country.

Now this card didn’t even have a woman in them so I went off on a tangent there.


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Todays card is showing us a woman wearing the pants – or underpants at least. The proverb says that: ‘Sad is the house where the hen sings and the cock is silent’  Of course that is sad only for the cock himself. We should be thankful for the equality we gotten just these last 100 years. When this card was made a thing like women voting was unheard of, as was any kind of higher education. I do wonder though if not the man in this card actually enjoy his position, while it might be shameful to be a submissive man in public, being called out for being ‘under the heel’ there are a fair amount of men (and women of course) that chose that style of life and wouldn’t know what to do without a strong partner calling the shots. Her being in what looks like her undergarments does add a little sexual twist to it all too.

Today I am a happy hen, singing loudly in a cock-less house 😀

I am rich

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Todays proverb goes something like this: ‘No one ever became poor by giving alms’ The card shows a man giving money to some beggars on the street and a cherub is crowning him. The text below wouldn’t really translate so well but this is what I got out of it: those who are pious (revering the divine) and full of zeal and give of what he has to the poor will be treasured on earth and in heaven.

For most of my life I have been the beggar, or at least that is my old mindset, I had no money, alas, I was poor. I never could join in with others on social events that cost money, never had this or that, never went here or there… all about the Lack! Then I lost my job and became really tight on money but so rich on time. I got enough money to survive and to share and even indulge sometimes, I only feel poor at the end of the month but I never gone hungry or been homeless. While I am not in a position to give to charity, not much anyway, I do have time to do things like supporting those close to me that need me, as a friend, as family. Today I share a mean chillie with my brother, so good it makes me sneeze 😀

Last night while watching TV I cropped a tarot deck. It is the Spiral. One of my oldest and it was grimy and looked sad with them fluffy purple cloud borders. Now it looks just amazing. Since it is an old fave I haven’t had it on the ‘rotation’ list for weekly deck yet but I might add it there now.


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This week I am using the Italian Proverbs. It is not really a tarot, but rather ‘educational’ illustrations with proverbs on them. I will try to translate the Italian as good as I can with google and common sense 😀 Oh and this deck is the round-robin deck of the Weekly deck group on the tarotforum. So when I had them they will leave for someone else. Right now I gotta say I love the fancy packaging, reminds me of how the first edition Tarot of Prague was packed, in a book-like cover tied together with a string. The cards are rather large, almost square and printed on creamy thick stock with no lamination at all, which makes me nervous to drink tea around them…

The first card I picked was showing two men and a row of bricks tumbling over in a dominoes effect. The proverbs here says: ‘A single stone will tip over a wagon’ And down below is written something like this: ‘Caution at every step is the lesson, I despise even the slightest peril, a small stone felled the giant Goliath.’

And yeah so true, but also – a little kindness can change your whole day. Today I chose kindness and hope it will have the dominoe effect of a stone. Pass it on! I can be a bit whiny but that is an attitude that multiplies, if I make an effort of just being nice, help out where I can and do so with joy, I am pretty sure it will be more fun for all parties.

This week I am also ‘training’ a pendulum I got from AJ. I learned how to use one as a kid, my mom used to tell gender of the babies for her pregnant friends and she was correct all the time, as I recall it anyway. The way she did it was to tell the pendulum to circle in a ring if it was a girl and go back and forth in a straight line for a boy. What I do is slightly different, I use clockwise circles for yes and counter-clockwise for no, I really don’t have a bunch of pregnant friends to pendle over to be honest.

Oh here is the pendulum. Beautiful rose quarts. It is my first one! I mean the first that is an actual pendulum since I am used to just thread a ring on a string. Here it is laying on top of the proverbs cover, don’t you just LOVE that marbled paper?

My first question for the pendulum is if it can find my missing silver ring with a large amber. It is quite discouraging though. The pendulum replies that the ring is not in the house, that someone has taken it. But I can’t see more then that. I suspect it was taken at the hospital when I had my gall-bladder removed but it is just dead in my hand when I ask about that. Oh well, I could buy a new one, just that ring was special to me, the first piece of jewelry I picked out myself and bought for my own money. I hope whoever has it now loves it as much as I did.