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Reading (novels, not tarot)

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deweyWell, I read tarot too, just that I don’t blog a lot about it.

But this weekend is the bi-annual Dewey’s Read-a-Thon! It starts on the 12:th October. Since it goes from noon to noon and I rarely get out of bed until 11 am or so it is perfect for myself 😀 I doubt I will stay up the full 24 hours though, I like my naps, but this is such a perfect day to have more or less an excuse to lock the door, turn off the phone and just indulge in my favorite things – Reading and snacking!

This time I plan to rest my eyes a lot more by listening to a few audio books and I got a whole lot of short stories and even might squeeze in a BBC dramatization or two so I can close my eyes and just lean back and enjoy.  I also really want to finish up some half-read books laying around the house.

So I am preparing by baking some bread, buying plenty of juice and fruits, got firewood ready, comfy clothes washed, family and friends notified, putting books in a basket, charging the kindle and sleep well the nights before 😀


A weekend of reading and Golden Tarot

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Well, last weeks tarot deck, the 2012 ascension just wasn’t what I wanted just now. I snuck back to the Sheridan-Douglas instead. This week I will be using Kat Black’s Golden Tarot. It is a beautiful art decks, collaged from renaissance and medival art, gilded edges and packed in a nifty little box. I have used it before, when I first got it, but since then it just been sitting in the glass cupboard looking pretty. It’s basically a Rider-Waite-Smith clone and that might be why. I do like RWS decks but tend to pick more out-side the box most of the time. This one still got a lot of interesting little details though that make it worth while.

Just realised the photo here looks horrid, hopefully I can get some better photos of it as the week progress.

Tomorrow is the Read-a-thon! I got a large line-up, but diverse, and I might change my mind and pick something totally random as well. But for now these the the books I want to finish this weekend:

For snack – plenty of coffee and tea and juice, toast, lentil soup and some crisps and dip for the evening. I do plan to take trips to the store and walks around the block now and then and maybe even a little nap in those 24 hours. But phone is off and computer is just to check in now and then (that will be the real test, the stay off the damn computer)

Troubled toes spread

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I think the real name for the spread is something else. It is taken from the Tarot Lovers calender. I plan to do all the monthly spreads the first week of that month with whatever deck I happen to be working with. This time is a toe-spread! Think of a problem you have, lay out 5 cards in a row, like toes on your left foot (I am a leftie so it suits me well) then one card under them all for a heel (extra support)

My problem: What to do about feeling so tired and stuck.

1. Feelings I have about the problem (for the pinkie toe) 99 of Swords. This is one of the ‘extras’ in Silicon Dawn, I left them all in. Here I clearly see that I am overthinking it all, perhaps thinking more about being stuck then actually being stuck. Dreading feeling tired more then actually being so. Yes, it is there but I over-dramatize it all. It’s not the end of the world to feel out of sorts at times.

2. Something I think is a factor but really isn’t. 19 Sun (reversed as to emphasis that it is all in my head) I tend to believe that I suffer from SAD (Seasonal affliction syndrom) or something like that. But I never had a doctor telling me that this is what is wrong. I had doctors trying to medicate me into something like a zoombie but I quit that. Sertralin makes life bearable for a lot of people but it just never did anything for me and it was a nitemare to get off. Of course the Sun is always welcome when it comes, both in tarot and the real thing. But lack of it is not really my problem here. (if there even is one)

3. One aspect I know exist but is reluctant to deal with. The Devil. I know what this is and I don’t want to talk about it. lol. Ok then, I have really hard falling asleep without any kind of sleeping aid. And when I do take something it knocks me out the rest of the day. We are getting close here, right? No wonder I am tried so often when I either don’t sleep at all, or am too whoozy from last nights sleeping aid. I need to deal with it.

4. A hidden hitch in the works. King of Pentacles/fire. Really? No idea what this is. Some dude in a sombrero looking flashy. The book describes him as Air of Fire and a braggart extrovert. This is so not me. I’ll leave it for now. This could be some energy I need, or a partner in the works (sounds unlikely) Actually he looks a little like my neighbour and friends husband, the one whos cologne I can smell for 20 minutes after he left in the staircase.

5. The biggest contributor. (the big toe of the matter) Another extra card and one not even on the site. It is the invisible white spiral on white. I thought of a card from Morgans Tarot when I got this one. A card that say something like’ The universe is unfolding as it should’ for of course it does, it has to, how could it unfold any other way? This is all meant to be and I should not worry about it. This is my hiatus, my cocoon, my life-support floating tank… It is as it should.

6. Best way to improve the situation. Page of Pentacles/fire (reversed) Painting the walls. Letting loose. Just the other day I picked out a few of my old journals and took a photo of them, just looking at how different they are. Some artsy and pretty, others cheap and worried, all of them filled with scribbles and of me! I think I might be doing it right.


Suspended in anticipation

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Silicon DawnCan you read in your dreams? I can but I am also aware the the book might fall apart like fairy’s dust any second. For me reading in a dream is a cue sign to becoming lucid. Reason I bring it up was that I fell asleep this morning with a book in hand and in the dream it turned into something else entirely, a green leather bound travel-journal. Woke up to my mother knocking on my front door with a paperbag with flowers for me! Such a nice start of the day, first the dream then the flowers.

I had taken today’s card before going to bed and it was 12 – usually called the hanged man, here unnamed. She is hanging in a cocoon, like a butterfly to be. She just gives me that same feeling as dream-reading. It is exhilarating but fleeting. Soon, soon, it will be over and the moment is gone. Replaced with something new! But THIS, this right NOW, will never be again. What will come might be glorious or numbingly dull. Who knows.