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Work ethics

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Today I pulled the 8 of Pentacles. It shows a man hard at the job of making these intricate pentacles, his shadow is the one procrastinating, flitting from project to project,never quite finishing the task at hand.

Today this card reminds me that I should keep doing the things I enjoy regardless of the distractions around me. I enjoy baking, I am pretty good at it. But not everyone will appreciate my efforts, some people just don’t like what I do and I should not let that discourage me from keeping at it. And often people are plain rude but that is not really my problem, I shouldn’t let it upset me. This goes for a lot of things other then cakes and cookies too. But today – for me – it is 😀

Pleasures of the flesh

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Todays card from the Revelations Tarot was the reversed Queen of Pentacles and the book and the card shows her in a rather greedy light. Someone wanting pleasures of the flesh, but then again, who doesn’t? It is nice and yummy and why not indulge a little, why not flaunt it when you got it? Only the reversed queen feels comfortable enough in her own skin to let her dress slip. Or do we have to equate women showing boobs to someone using her body to get ahead (like the book does)

So to indulge my reversed queen-ness I offer you here not boobs but cupcakes!



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New week, new deck. I almost went for the brand new Masonic that arrived earlier but decided to hold off and get to know that one slowly. You know how it is with decks (or other things for that) that you coveted a long time and then they arrive and you feel slightly disappointed, I didn’t want that to happen and therefore picked a deck from my now shrinking shortlist of decks in my collection I have not used yet (down to 35 decks now)

Revelations Tarot is by artist Zach Wong. What makes it special is that here we have a deck created by a tarot-user who happens to be an artist. It is not a commissioned deck made by someone who got no clue as to what tarot is. It is also remarkable in that it shows us both upright and reversals on the same card. And it is quite beautiful too 😀

My card for today is the revered Page of Pentacles. What comes to mind is how we use different modes of learning. Right way up this shows a page examining the whole pentacle, seeing through it. Here we have someone picking it apart. Seeing the details and taking things apart instead of seeing the whole is one way to approach the world. As my brother would say, it is the ‘aspie’ way.

And speaking of being Aspberger, I think I just ran into another one. I was standing in my kitchen making some coffee, when in walks a young boy, perhaps 12, through the balcony door and into my kitchen to talk very technical about tractors. I did not fully grasp the situation but kinda enjoyed the absurdity of it all. After a few minutes very one-way chat about lifting forks and volvos and scoops and power, the boy just turned and left.


Lazy again

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I didn’t even bother pulling a card today. I had a large stack of new books delivered, had a friend over for coffee and been taking photos of half my tarot collection, so no daily draw today. Just wanted to share the photo, I am in heaven!

I got a new deck too! Revelations.

This is the format I will photograph all my decks in, box, backs, chariot and 6 swords. But the light vanished so I have to do the rest tomorrow. Flash photos just looks weird, like this one.