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Fournier king cupsIt’s not really a barnacle, but this cup made me think of one. The tight rim, hard shell and something red and alive inside it… This whole card is a little garish with the reds and the yellows shouting. And the king got both a swashbuckler hat a la the Magician and a crown plunked on top of it. It now looks like he got huge dumbo-ears, oh and look, his real ear is covered with some flap. He looks away from the cup, and he seems uncomfortable with the whole situation, a bit like a mans man forced to hold his wife’s handbag for her.

Well, just a few fast impressions. I am feeling rather uncomfortable myself today, that constant internal monologue (the tingling bells of the fool) is never shutting up and I am restless and tired at once. A bit too emotional. I need to cool down and shut off a while.

Pill RainbowToday’s cubes would provide a solution if I were into that kind of thing. But I am not. I am trying to wean myself off the sleeping pills this week so I got enough on my plate. The Happy Rainbow Pill just gotta remind me that there are several ways of reaching bliss, little tablets are not mine.

I am sitting here thinking about what decks I personally would put on a top 10 list. The lists over at AT caused a riot ūüėÄ I think it is funny how a subbaculture deck ran in and grabbed first place. Surprising but rather neat too.

The top 10 all time list is just a yawn though. Imagine in 100 years we take out those 10 decks to show what we valued the most in the Tarot world. *giggles*


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Fournier 7 coinsThe 7 of Coins from the Fournier TdM has a stable base with 4 coins in each corner, a plant with a root that is strong and with red and blue leaves separating and showing off 3 middle coins. The leaves show their undersides with the nerves and it looks like they are gently caressing the coins and perhaps even kissing each other. One of the coins are not yet mature (the left right one in the triangle is missing the little edges in the middle) so while it looks like the base is providing a robust harvest, it is not yet finished, we counted the chickens but they haven’t hatched fully yet.

I like that the stability in the corners are there. It makes me think about what I do with my ‘base-skills’ do I let them go to waste, or do I keep them alive and up to date? Is the soil of my craft fertile? Even if I am idle now and looking for work I must not feel dejected and worthless, the base is there.

The cubes I love. I throw these dice a lot and make up stories for myself. Todays throw is just 2 again (I usually throw a fistful and then pick 2 or 3 that stand out and connect) Portal and World. It makes me think of this book I am reading right now ‘Ghostwritten’ by David Mitchell. First parts of it takes place in Japan and China and this portal looks like it is from around there. I love how the author, who spent a lot of time in Asia, manage to give me a portal into a world I never been to. Books can really transport you to all times and places.

Rory's cubes

Tricking and fixing

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALe Bateleur came up today (one might think I didn’t mix the deck properly but I did) That name in french always made me think of a sportsman, a batter for a team. He strikes for the goal. What he does is keep a keen eye on you and me while talking a lot and causing distractions so he can slip and slide those tools of his and make them appear in unexpected places. It’s all a trick, a play with time and movement and direction and focus.

The cubes gave me Turtle and Time. That is a trick too. The turtle only appears to be slow but in its lifetime it will achieve just about the same things any other animal and human.

Today I feel the weight of Time and wonder what it is I should have done to fulfill my purpose. We are born, live a little here and then we are gone, let’s just make the most of our days.

Fournier Tarot de Marseille and Rory’s Story Cubes

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Fournier TdMWeekend is here and I take out another deck, one that I haven’t used in many many years. The Fournier TdM was actually my very first tarot deck that I bought back in the late 1980:ies. I found it in a bookshop in Uppsala, but failed to find any tarot books so thought I might have to write one myself, so I got a pencil and a blank notebook,¬†promptly named all the pages, 2 pages for each card and set about learning the tarot!

It does come with a strange little white booklet (LWB) that among other things names the physical areas that the cards could indicate, I discarded that information and just looked at the cards, did readings for friends and just chatted to and about them for a few years.

I also bought a few more decks, one RWS and a Herbal tarot and later a Hanson-Roberts. But all these years I kept the Fournier. So that is a bit of background. I will also be using the story cubes I told about earlier.

TdM FoolToday’s card is The Fool/Le Mat. Instead of going back to any books or old info stored in my head I simply decided to step into the card. Be The Fool. So I went for a walk, it’s a wonderful sunny but cold day. Just walk, what do I see, hear, feel, smell? (I can’t say I tasted much)

I saw the sky, paly blue with just a hint of white clouds near the horizon. I saw the sun low, just coming up. I saw white snow, soft like whipped cream flooding the ground, tracks Рwhite on white, footsteps Рwhite on white. I saw people smiling at me when I passed them, I saw neighbours and friends and stopped to chat a little. I saw dogs and I saw Charlie shadowing me for a bit of the way. I could smell the snow! And a motor running, someone passing me with a cigarett, a teenager with a bubblegum, someones woodburning fire. I could feel the nipping (not of a dog) but of the cold in my face and the warmth of the sun when I faced it. I could hear the constant tingling (not of bells) but of my own thoughts, that inner never-ending monologue. So I stop! Clear my mind, breath a bit and take the quite in.

The story cubes gave me lock/k√•ta (tipi) But I thought k√•ta cause doesn’t that Fool look like he is wearing sami colours? A k√•ta is a tipi but for sami people. The principle is the same, you wrap hides or canvas around a structure of long thin sticks, leaving a hole for the¬†smoke¬†in the top. The idea to put a lock on a dwelling like that is Foolish. It also made me think of this image I saw on Facebook the other day. It was a sign out on the lawn outside a house. The sign saying ‘This is a gunfree house’ and all the comment on how stupid that was, like it was an open invitation to¬†burglars. When I piped up that it is extremly rare for anyone where I live to own a gun unless they are a hunter I got called stupid. I have to wonder who the Fool is though.