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The dilemma of the tarot addict

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This weeks deck is the groovy Sheridan-Douglas tarot. First created in the 70-ies and now re-released and easy to buy again. (Go to and not the american amazon though)

I picked this one up after seeing it and oh-ing and ah-ing over it at Bodhiseeds blog (she is guilty of a LOT of enabling) The cardstock is glossy and smooth and quite thick and the images somehow for some strange reason makes me think of Navigators of the mystic SEA. It is not the style of art or anything I can really put my finger on, just like a flavour in the back of my mouth. Perhaps it is just in my imagination. I do love the simplicity of this deck though, bold colours and lines. And it is not a RWS clone. It is outside the box in a lot of the cards.

Todays card pictures the dilemma of a tarot addict. That is me standing on the shoreline with my 6 (or 100+) cups (tarot-decks) my eyes and mind set on that elusive one that would complete my collection and indeed my life!

I am a bit of a hoarder. I now have 111 decks. And yes, this was my latest and I am happy (and satisfied for a week or a month)

Other daily news: Spring is well on it’s way, long days and pleasant nights to ya all 😀 and today Skellefteå AIK is in the hockey semi-finals. Go SAIK! Me and my brother are having a meatball sandwich TV dinner and cheering on.  Perhaps I should do a reading on the outcome!