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Cold creeping in and then out.

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Voyager 8 of CupsTodays card is the 8 of Cups and the first thing my eye caught in this image was the frozen waterfall. It is a lot of decay here too, rotten leaves, dry caked mud, broken and glued together cups. Some things in life is best to discard, broken cups and dead flowers are among those. What things in my life do I try to glue together past their best-before date? What scabs do I keep picking at?

I got a lot of frozen emotions about my parents, my mom and I battle it out on a weekly basis, at least we keep things fresh and interesting. But with my dad – it is like that frozen waterfall. I won’t even cry about it. Haven’t for years, even while listening to his weeping on the phone once ever 3 years or so.

Time to drain that specific cup, wash it out and throw it away. Not my dad of course, but the lingering expectations I have of us ever resolving this cycle of false new starts and betrayals.

On the other hand the mailman was nice to me today. He knocked on my door and gave me 2 packages. One with a few books and a set of Fallen Angel cards from Amazon. And one pack with the Key to the Kingdom cards, a beautiful pristine first edition. I first saw them over at Cat’s place. I took one card right away and it was Jack of Spades and here is his verse:

Key to Kingdom jack of spades‘Look out! look out! Jack Frost is about’

No kidding. It is still cold here, not -30 like this weekend, more like -23. My landlord now got some heat going though, so the house is slowly getting warmer, but I can see my curtains swaying gently in the cold draft.