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I’ve been busy renovating at home, everything here is coated in a layer of plaster dust so I let the camera rest. The card I wanted to write a little about is the Chariot from Sacred Sites. It is pictured in a photo a bit down the side by the way. It shows a man sitting at the back of a wagon, looking in the direction he came from. Here he is at his goal though. Compostela di Santiago. They call this pilgrimage ‘The way of St James’ and according to wikipedia it is quite popular with as many as over 200.000 people going there in one year.

These days pilgrimages are such an odd concept for most of us though. Where would we go? Being pagan I guess I could go to one of the many pagan sites, like Glastonbury, Ale stenar, Boleskin… I actually used to live very close to Uppsala högar. I used to go there and just walk around the old hills and enjoy the nature. But I wouldn’t call that a pilgrimage. For me that term is for a spiritual journey where the path is as important as the goal. A journey where you are changed when you arrive.

Ok, I am off to paint some walls now. And perhaps dream of traveling to Crete, I so wanna see Knossos one day 😀