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Surveying my domain

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Tarot of Prague3 of wands. I see a man in workers outfit, leaning on his ox, holding two wands, the third placed behind the ox. He looks apprehensive, he is not resting, just surveying the area. Perhaps he is measuring out his fields against his neighbors claims. Above him, in a different light, lofty, sits several richly dressed men with tools to measure out the globe. Perhaps dividing it up between them. The man and his ox are the one having to live with whatever decision they make.

Now that was my story, the book tells a different one, both are of course valid. In the book it says that the men around the globe might be adventurers, planning a journey of discovery, and the man leaning on his ox are surveying his domain. Both stories are about getting the large picture, looking over what you have and where you need to go now.

On the smaller jema-personal scale this card urges me to survey my own domain, see to my house, what needs to be done? And then go to my landlord and negotiate with him on how to make it happen. Unless I take the first step, it will never get done.I might step on a few toes on the way but this is where I live! I need it fixed – now!

Image from Tarot of Prague, copyright Magic Realist Press.


3 cards 3/3

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Simple deck interview 3 card spread. Tarot of Prague. Copyright Magic Realist Press

1. Tell me about yourself: Knight of Pentacles – Air of Earth. This is a real work horse of a deck, solid and reliable. This has been a back-bone in my collection since I got it and it ain’t going anywhere 😀 This knight is standing still too as is his dog.

2. How do we connect? 4 of Cups. I might think I already know it all, being too focused on myself and my expectations/dreams and missing out on the task at hand. What ‘sheeps’ do I need to tend to this week? It feels like I sometimes go into life too much of a dreamer and misses out a lot of the real world bustling about around me.

3. Outcome or what will I have to learn? Page of Swords – Earth of Air. Same elements as in the first card. I see it as a challenge to bring my lofty dreamy ideas into reality, to actually DO and not just think. A detail that sticks out to me is that the Page is standing on what looks like the top of a chimney. When you sweep chimneys you get your hands dirty and perhaps that is what I will practice more of this week. Being more in the moment and connect my inner life to my outer, rather stagnant one.

Tarot of Prague

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This weeks deck is an old favorite of mine. Tarot of Prague copyright Karen Mahoney and Alex Ukolov 2005. It is out of print and hard to find so I am very happy I got my set when I did. Well, I got ALL Magic Realist Press decks. I do believe this first one they ever made is my favorite though. I like the chunky woodblocks, the grand statues, the city-scapes… It also feels like a perfect deck for March, when the light returns and the first stirrings of spring.

Yes, I bought new plants to keep my ‘devotional’ collection company. (that is all the tiny figurines) As you can see we still got quite a bit of snow, but the sun is out and melting it off fast, all day I heard large chunks of snow falling off the roof.