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Origins Woman of Soul

Souls are the suit of Cups and normally the Queen of Cups would be this soft warm woman, motherhood, emotional nurturing etc. Here we see the Woman of Soul with a frown, her eyes meeting mine, in her hand a mask. Is she about the put it on? Or did it just come off? I like that we see the strong woman here, the iron inside is showing. Is that mask the milder version she puts on to sooth? It must be hard to live up to the impossible expectations of being a mother, I imagine it was always hard. It could be like losing a bit of your own true self. And then as soon as that motherhood sweet mask falls off we see the terrifying mother. Not cause she is terrifying – but because she is independent,  no longer a Mother, but a Woman.

Tomorrow I switch deck again but I am sure to come back to this one often. In fact, I am leaving it in its box on the living room table.


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OriginsI am out of sorts today, feel utterly drained and depressed and just want to crawl out of this skin I am in. Oddly enough it is such a glorious day today, sunny and mild so as soon as I post this I will take my sad little self out for a bit.

Today’s card is 7 of Nature. A man in awe of one of natures wonders. How did that get up there? Must have been the gods, right? Only if the gods are heat, pressure, earth moving and shifting, time and a strong wind eating away the softer materials for millennia. Only the hard spire remains. Time erodes us all.

I am off to recharge in some sunshine now.


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Origins - DeathYes, it’s Death. So many tarot decks try to make it prettier, softer, 100% gentle even. But really, Death is sometimes just that. Or as my dad would say: ‘A cure for head-ache’

And this one then, what a way to go! We are all gonna die. I imagine death came not as silent and on such soft feet back in the day. It was bloodier, louder, galloping through the wilderness and ending with snapped bones. But at least this man had a full life, he is a grown man. The way he is pierced looks like a sacrifice.

I think of death some times. Not that I am suicidal, or that old or even sick. Just that the mind gently touches the subject before dancing off again. It’s there, like a hot flame that you know with certainty will one day swallow you.


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originsxxToday’s card is XX The Prey (Judgement) This was one of the card that stood out when I first looked through the deck. It is such a striking card with the massive hunter in wait for his prey, the deer. He got his spear ready and aimed while he is hidden. It’s all about focusing, the eye on the prize. If your mind starts to wander you will go hungry as will your tribe. Failing means starving.  The XX also strikes me as being the X The Wheel times two. For a hunter it is as much skill and focus as luck really. It’s all a game/prey/pray of chance. But he is smiling isn’t he? I got a feeling he will get his deer.

Last night I had some wild dreams of closed down apartment stores, circus people, fish-burgers, rollercoaster rides and struggling to keep a rowdy gang fed and happy. Woke up quite happy to just have myself to take care of for now.

Today my thoughts are with a friend in surgery. Sending lots of warm thoughts and hurray-you-will-do-great prayers.

Tarot, books, weather etc

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Origins 4 jewelsFirst the daily card. I pulled this about 5am when my cat Charlie woke me up cause he wanted to go out, then stood frozen in the door for a minute while my warm sleep drained away. I made tea and took a card and got 4 of Jewels/coins. I always loved these Cycladic figures. They are from around 3300 BCE but the pattern has a long history and they were made rather consistently in style for about 5000 years, just suck on that. 5000 years. Some were found in graves, some obviously cared for like dolls, some in temples as votives. They look surprisingly modern with their stark abstract features. But we have to remember these would have been painted with pigments too. What we see is really just the ‘bones’ which is also the title for the card: Bones of Jewels. What I think of when I see them is how humans gave them shape and life just because they could. These were now actual useful tools, they were not worn to show status, they were simply created cause we could and cause our ancestors liked them, just as I like them today, more then 5000 years later.

I remember seeing these ‘in the flesh’ once as an exhibition at a museum in Stockholm while studying ancient history and culture and I just fell in love. They were all standing in concentric circles, graded for size, facing a large round marble sphere. The largest almost life-size, the smallest like my pinkie.

Apart from that… I started reading a book ‘Ghostwritten’ by David Mitchell but got side-tracked into Haruki Murakami’s book ‘Underground’ due to the connections. Underground is a non-fiction book on the Sarin-gas attack in the subway in Tokyo in 1995 mastered by the cult leader Aum. It’s touching, sad, horrific but really gives an insight into how people reacted that were there and survived. The Japanese soul. These people who stayed in a dangerous situation just cause it was their duty. I only read the first few stories yet but it is interesting.

Then a weather update. We didn’t get 1 meter that they said could happen. We got about 30 cm. Plenty enough if you ask me. Photos:


We live our life behind our eyes

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OriginsYesterday the mailman knocked on my door and brought me a deck I wished for a very long time. Tarot of the Origins. Long time out of print, impossible to get but then I got lucky! I even found the perfect box for it. This box used to house my Pixie’s Lenormand but I don’t really ‘do’ Lenormands so that one went back to the shelf in it’s little tuckbox. I also found 2 perfect stones to house with the deck. One is a fossil and one is a stone I got from another friend in New York who picked it off the beach near the city.

As usual I managed to fill a note with tiny scribbles while looking at the card and thinking of the word Hermit. It comes from the greek word Eremites (or close enough in spelling) that means solitary. But the word also comes from Eremos meaning desert. So desert-dweller, deserted, solitary. Those words have such different values though, we rather be solitary then deserted. We innately strive to be a part of something then apart.

In the image we see a man looking out from behind the eye socket of a giant skull and that made me think of how we spend our lives looking out of our eyes/I’s and how that set us apart, creates a distance. Ice in the desert. I’s or eyes. How we react to the world, what we see is coloured from our lookout place, in the desert, behind our I’s/eyes/ice.