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I am what I am

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Todays card is a different twist on the 8 of Cups. I often in other decks see this with the Waite-Smith ‘glasses’ as someone leaving a bad situation. Here we see that first impetus to take action. A man in a suit looking out over a man-made landscape, a skyline of tall-rises and a small angry sun pulsating in the background. We see a small child inside the man and all around him a machinery. He is just a cog-wheel in the machine…

Often people ask me ‘What do you do?’ as in what do you work with. This picture is of a Human Doing contemplating with it is to be a Human Being. When do we start to identify with our professions? At what age does the dreaming child turn into the doing cog in the machine? So instead of asking each other what we do – perhaps ask about what we are, what we dream of becoming.

This weeks deck proved to be really a whole lot more interesting then I thought it would be. I bought it on a whim, but it is moving very high on my list of fave decks ūüėÄ

Staging a drama

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This is the card for yesterday but I was too busy to post anything. It is the 7 of Cups from the Tarot of Transformation and the title for it is Drama Queen. And oh have we not all been there, staging a huge drama just to get noticed. This card according to the book is of the stepmother of Snow White who is not happy when she is not proclaimed to be the BEST. She throws a fit and it ends up with a bloody mess.

But we don’t cause drama to be petty. We do it for the same reasons we stuff our selves with food or meds or drugs, to feel whole. The wound of the Drama Queen is the same we all carry, just she makes such a spectacle of it. Instead of doing this I should learn to just acknowledge my feelings, state them loud and clear and don’t throw a fit when people can’t read my mind, or when they don’t have the time or energy to put me first.

Authentic Nourishment

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Today after my morning walk and while having my breakfast I pulled this card. The 3 of Wands from the Tarot of Transformation.

It made me think of what choices I make every day in what I eat and also in what I let eat me up inside. It is so easy to fall back into old destructive habits of filling a hole with the wrong kind of nourishment. We fill our emotional holes with food and alcohol and our spiritual holes with dogma, our mental holes with Television and our hungry tummies growl over being fed sugar and refined foods. What am I hungry for today? What does my body, spirit, mind and heart hunger for?

Today I promise myself to nourish myself only with things I truly thrive on.

Movement – Moment

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I never was ‘good’ at meditating until I stopped trying so hard. Today I picked 4 of Swords from the Tarot of Transformation.

I started walking every morning before breakfast. At first it is so hard to even get going. I sit and come up with a handful excuses as to why I¬†should just stay put, in front of the computer, or even in bed just a little longer. But now my body gets dressed even while my brain is¬†sleeping, my hands tie the shoelaces while my head is shouting that really, this is not at all necessery! But as soon as I close my front door¬†behind me and step out I feel good, all is well. The first minutes my mind is adjusting, I get stuck in negative loops of¬†perceived¬†wrongs and¬†have lectures in my head on how very sorry everything is and what could have been if only and yadda yadda… But after about 10 minutes I swept¬†all the old patterns and flaws out, my head and my heart is clean – focused on just a few things. The breaths entering and leaving my body, the¬†steps I take, the road ahead, the sea coming up ahead, the trees, the sounds of the wind and distant traffic or kids playing. But mainly just the¬†one foot¬†in front¬†of the other and the air filling my lungs.

‘When you can identify a pattern in your mind and see where it originates, you can get some distance from it and be more objective and less¬†controlled by it.’


Taking the next step

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I have been lax in blogging and doing anything at all online lately. First because I was getting wrapped up in a new health-regime with long morning walks, eating healthy etc. Then because I did the opposite during the midsummer. My body can just NOT handle any amount of alcohol at all, I just need to deal with that and cut that out of my life forever or I am just fooling myself. I had a few drinks the evening before midsummer and felt like something the cat dragged in for 3 days after.

Todays card tells me not to beat myself up over it though but to just take the next step. A slip-up is just that and not a deal-breaker. This body is the only one I got and I need to take better care of it. What I also loved about picking this card today was what stood in the text-book: ‘We don’t need more out-of-body experiences; we need to learn to be in the body, here and now, attending to the needs of the planet’

So today I just keep at it, trying to do the right choices, eating the right things, be true to my own body and spirit.

This weeks deck is Tarot of Transformation by Willow Arlenea and Jasmin Lee Cori Copyright 2002 and published by Weiser.



Tarot of Transformation

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Just a short post to show off the latest addition to the collection: Tarot of Transformation made by  J L Cori & Willow Arlenea . I do have the Transformational tarot since before (be Arnell Ando) but this one is quite different.

First impressions: Large cards that are very purple. Pretty art, kinda flowy and very feminine. New titles to many majors. A real lack of male figures. Very flimsy cardstock. Book looks good though, will read it when I pull this as weekly deck. (the book even smells good)

This set is a clear result of me getting into an e-bay frenzy. It is not something I ever had on my wishlist, while it is pretty enough it seems a bit too feminine. I place it in the same category as Shadowscapes and Crystal Vision. Frilly decks I might use for deck of the week but wouldn’t really pick up for a reading