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viscontitemperanceNow what witchcraft do we have here? First I notice that Temperance is not actually pouring anything but I take that to be some fault of the originals being so distorted. We are obviously meant to imagine water pouring from vase to vase here. It is an act of magic, this seeing, we expect water and it takes only a little imagination to perceive it. It is alchemy and in alchemy things are not always what they appear to be. Surely you can temper your soul with imaginary magical waters.

I like her starry blue dress and pink socks. Even her bored expression seems fitting ‘Oh I do this all day, it’s nothing really’

I will be quite happy to put this deck away tomorrow night. It feels a bit too polished, too perfect. All those blond haired round faced kids. All the ‘A bon droyt’ banners twirling among the cocktail swords and fondue skewers. Yes, I am a bit grumpy.



Later that same evening…

I feel the divide getting closer there, and how Temperance at the heart of it is a cooling influence. Chilly even.