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Clouds parting

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Today I took two card and put them in the positions of Red light – Green light.

The first card 5 of Wands clearly is trapped behind bars, thorny ones at that so I take this as an advice to go out-doors and not stay trapped in here with my bad temper (I was a bit snappy late last night due to really frigging awful arthritis and still can’t use my left arm much)

The Green light was the Hermit – not a card one associate with hanging out with people, but then that is not really my plan. Plan is to emerge from my cave-dwelling (a perfectly fine apartment) and just get my ass outside! Let the light and winds blow through my hair, feel the earth under my feet, that kind of thing…

So I did! And discovered that the apple tree outside is almost almost in bloom. The meadowsweet is blooming and my herbs are thriving after the rain we had these last few doors. And despite the weather-forecast predicting heavy rains all week – the sun is shining here.