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viscontitemperanceNow what witchcraft do we have here? First I notice that Temperance is not actually pouring anything but I take that to be some fault of the originals being so distorted. We are obviously meant to imagine water pouring from vase to vase here. It is an act of magic, this seeing, we expect water and it takes only a little imagination to perceive it. It is alchemy and in alchemy things are not always what they appear to be. Surely you can temper your soul with imaginary magical waters.

I like her starry blue dress and pink socks. Even her bored expression seems fitting ‘Oh I do this all day, it’s nothing really’

I will be quite happy to put this deck away tomorrow night. It feels a bit too polished, too perfect. All those blond haired round faced kids. All the ‘A bon droyt’ banners twirling among the cocktail swords and fondue skewers. Yes, I am a bit grumpy.



Later that same evening…

I feel the divide getting closer there, and how Temperance at the heart of it is a cooling influence. Chilly even.

Pay attention

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Visconti page of swordsToday I pulled the Page of Swords or Knave as it is called in this deck. Of all the knaves this is the only one that looks like he is older then 11, but barely. But then the Kings don’t look too mature either. Of course reading a bit on the courts back in the day people out and about were on the young side. Europe was more or less ruled by a bunch of prepubescent spoiled kids (supervised I assume by some gray men in the shadows)

Notes from the post-it: What a hat! Feather – air- thoughts – swords. This is one cocky young man, hand on hip, little smirk on his face, ready to take a step towards the viewer. Look at the ground, it is crumbling away. Pay attention.

I think that is my cue for today, pay attention. At least when going out to the store. We have an unseasonally warm February in the north of Sweden. Drip drip, snow melting into slush that freeze to ice during night only to be slush again in the morning. I have to very literally pay attention to every single step. I also need to pay attention to a few things going on around me to do with family. It feels like a lot of things are about to crack open and spill some ugly stuff.


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Visconti 4 swordsWell, that is what I think these 4 swords look like. Fancy BBQ skewers, or maybe cocktail swords!  They look more like cutlery then weapons for sure.

Here are a few notes from the post-it note I wrote next to this card this morning: (2 Double swords, skewers/cocktail swords/cutlery/gold dipped toothpicks.) 4 swords, winds, corners, directions, elements, seasons etc. 4 for Emperor – stability, un-moving, heavy handed. Oppressive silences, stalemate. But also X marks the spot! Hidden by that darned ribbon.

The ribbon reads something like a Right Justice/Just Right. What a laugh. I bet the Visconti family told themselves that. Now it all looks like a cover-up. A banderoll/bandage to patch up a whole lot of the usual debauchery.


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viscontijudgementYeah that is the monthly illustrated magazine directed to devout Jehovah’s Witnesses and the flock they tried to gain by knocking on doors. Filled with images of tigers and lambs and racially segregated couples.  Today’s card from Visconti is of course Judgement. Angels blasting horns in the sky, God our Almighty Father with sword and globe looking on and the dead rising from their tomb.

Matthew 24:31 ‘And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other’

Of course the purpose to the whole thing is for us to engage in some more killing. The Great War against Satan and his devils and all evil men that later will be laying rotting on the battlefield earth where bird will pick out their eyes and feed upon them. Somehow they never illustrated that part in Awake! The stories themselves were enough to send my little cousins crying. I didn’t grow up in the cult but I matured into it, in a twisted way. When I was 11 we moved up to the north of Sweden and close to my aunt and uncle and my cousins on my mothers side that were Witnesses. At 17 I was baptized and filled my journal with feverish entries about guilt and glory. At 20 I left, I just packed my bags and moved away from it all, started to study and started with all those forbidden things, sex, getting drunk, smoking, tarot. That was the nail in the coffin. Tarot was demonic, I was so doomed. And so happy 😀

So for me this card is a reminder of a REAL awakening. The one where I heard my own calling. Just a note to say I still dearly love my aunt and uncle and all the cousins too, I just do not GET it. I don’t get it. They are intelligent people living in some self-chosen illusion. *sigh* Perhaps that really is their calling and I am wrong to judge them for it. They seem happy enough.

Visconti Kings

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday I pulled the King of Wands. He looks like a child-king but then they all do. All the courts look like they could be no more then 14 years old, round baby-faces, tiny mouths, hair the same short and curly blond. This kind is facing us with a slightly bored look in his face, his legs crossed at the ankles. He is wearing a rich tunic and mantle with gold trim, blue leggings with a garter on one leg, no shoes but green gloves. He has a crown and a staff with an elaborate carved top but also on his other side what looks like half a staff, like a smaller wand. The throne he is sitting on is gold and white and his feet firmly on the base, not touching the ground.

The King of Wands feels refined to a fault, so far removed from the Ace of Wands that it is almost something decadent over him, he is separated from his kingdom, more a figurehead then a ruler.

I am showing here all the kings cause I think it is interesting to see them all at once. See how the King of Swords is in full armour and almost on the way to leave his platform, no doubt to go off to war. See also how King of Cups is letting one foot touch the grass, aware of his surroundings.

The Visconti deck is not as giving as the TdM decks, it is so formalized, so held back, restrained. I am gonna struggle this week.


Dodal and Visconti, the wheel turns

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Dodal 1 wandI didn’t get to update last night due to my internet. But the card I pulled from the Dodal TdM was Ace of Bastons.

Just look at it! Such a meaty card. Hefty! So substantial and so raw. Where the cuts are we see almost tears of tree marrow, like drops of blood congealing and sealing the wand. Around it is the yods, like falling leaves, or flames, or sweat. Still stuck to it is one leaf looking almost like the saw that must have cut it down.

The hand holding it is showing the palm of the hand, almost like an offering – here, take this! What to do with it? Well, that’s the thing, this is raw-material, raw energy to all sorts of things and actions. There is no denying that we want it though, is there? And I am not going all freudian here even if I could.

I will for sure pick out the Dodal again soon, such a lovely deck and in a way this card is such a great one to finish my week with it. Cause this is how I see this deck, raw, strong, filled with potential.


Visconti WheelNow new week and new deck and I decided to go with the historical deck theme for a month or so and so I pulled out my Visconti Tarots from Lo Scarabeo. I even got the book for it by Giordano Berti (who is right now working on a new edition of the Sola-Busca that I really want) and Tiberio Gonard. It is a beautiful deck, with the missing cards re-created by Atanassov and filled with gold high-lights. It does have the multi-launguage border but I don’t mind it terribly.

Today I pulled the Wheel (La Routa) For this card the book was quite good. We see in the middle a winged and blindfolded figure turning the wheel upon there are 3 figures with banners telling us ‘I reign’ ‘I will reign’ and ‘I have reigned’ and at the bottom a man on all fours and a banner saying ‘I am without a Kingdom’ yet he carries the world. All the potentates have either donkey ears or donkey tails.

I take it as meaning that Chance is blind, that what we get are not always deserved, sometimes the winner is a real ass. But grab Lady Luck by the hair and hold on cause the Wheel will turn no matter what.

Visconti set