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Helping hands

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Cosmic Tribe really shines in some of the wand cards. This one and 4 of wands are my faves. The Wands and hands makes perfect sense since wands are about Action and Doing things instead of just thinking about them, dreaming about them, regretting them or waiting for others to do them for you. Here the keyword is Community and I see it not only as how others help us or vice versa but how our ideas help us spin an even wider net.

I often think of how well this card fits with giving birth to a creative project. Wands are like seeds of fire and 9 is for 9 months of carrying to fruition but also 9 is not 10 – you are not done just yet! You still need to nurture and defend your creations. Sometimes those helping hands can turn out to be grabbing hands so protect your creation!

Time to think of a new deck to take out for a spin and I am a bit clueless. I did at least stop buying new decks for now 😀 There is really nothing out there now that I feel that I HAVE to get. Also I am thinking of selling a few decks that I know I just don’t click with at all so watch this space…

Surveying my domain

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Tarot of Prague3 of wands. I see a man in workers outfit, leaning on his ox, holding two wands, the third placed behind the ox. He looks apprehensive, he is not resting, just surveying the area. Perhaps he is measuring out his fields against his neighbors claims. Above him, in a different light, lofty, sits several richly dressed men with tools to measure out the globe. Perhaps dividing it up between them. The man and his ox are the one having to live with whatever decision they make.

Now that was my story, the book tells a different one, both are of course valid. In the book it says that the men around the globe might be adventurers, planning a journey of discovery, and the man leaning on his ox are surveying his domain. Both stories are about getting the large picture, looking over what you have and where you need to go now.

On the smaller jema-personal scale this card urges me to survey my own domain, see to my house, what needs to be done? And then go to my landlord and negotiate with him on how to make it happen. Unless I take the first step, it will never get done.I might step on a few toes on the way but this is where I live! I need it fixed – now!

Image from Tarot of Prague, copyright Magic Realist Press.

Sticking my neck out

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Yesterday I had a friend over for some coffee and a chat and I did little Lenormand reading for him, using the book. It went remarkably well. I got a feeling they work better for others then me reading them for myself though. But I am pulling a few every day and write in my journal, we will see in due time how correct they are. They do feel a lot more predictive then tarot, or at least then how I use tarot.

Todays Yoga tarot cards are 10 of Pentacles and 6 of Wands. First off – there is no way I will even attempt any of those asanas. The first would kill me and the second cripple me for life. The LWB here is cryptic, for 10 of Pentacles it says: ‘Am I ready to spend what I created?’ This asana would require an excellent balance and incredibly strength in the neck and spine. My question is Am I holding my head high? Or am I spineless?

The 6 of Wands show a woman in a wheel like asana. To me it looks like she is leading a dance, many small dancing people are around her. The LWB tells me that ‘I do not possess nor am I possessed’ I am free, I am my own center.

How to relate this to my day? Well, one thing I did was to grab the phone and actually call my landlord up and tell him in a strong voice that I am not happy with paying full rent due to how cold my apartment has been and that my neighbour, who do not have it in her to speak up for herself, should also have lower rent. And he agreed! So we now did get a small rent-reduction.  I stood up for myself – and another – on the phone despite me having a really hard time ever ‘demanding’ anything, especially over the phone. I am proud of myself. It may seem silly to others but for me it is a big step 😀

Also recording here todays Lenormand draw. Tower – Mountain – Storks. My book tells me this might mean a legal setback or delay in a home situation. Which don’t make much sense.

Growing up

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VoyagerTodays card was the 10 of Wands and in the Voyager that is a truly positive card. It’s not like this deck lacks shadows, it has plenty of more negative cards too. But here we don’t see someone struggle with too heavy burdens, we see things growing up as they should and that is a process that leaves marks, like the year-rings in a tree, or the wrinkles on a hand. But if we grow as we all should, and grow tall and proud and humble there is the promise of the blossom. Hands and roses, passing of time. What do we do with it all? Do I put my soul into what I do? Perhaps not as much as I could. What did I want to grow into? And is it all too late? Of course not, but I remember thinking it was all too late when I was in my 20:ies. I am in my 40:ies now and still got some growing up to do to come into my own as they say.

Text and music:
Karin Dreijer Andersson

When I grow up
I want to be a forester
Run through the moss on high heels
That’s what I’ll do
Throwing out boomerang
Waiting for it to come back to me

When I grow up
I want to live near the sea
Crab claws and bottles of rum
That’s what I’ll have
Staring at the seashell
Waiting for it to embrace me

I put my soul in what I do
Last night I drew a funny man
With dark eyes and a hanging tongue
It goes way bad
I never liked a sad look
From someone who wants to be loved by you

I’m very good with plants
When my friends are away
They let me keep the soil moist
On the seventh day I rest
For a minute or two
Then back on my feet and cry for you

You’ve got cucumbers on your eyes
Too much time spent on nothing
Waiting for a moment to arise
The face in the ceiling
And arms too long
I wait for him to catch me

Waiting for you to embrace me

Integrity and freezing my ass off

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VoyagerTodays card is the 9 of wands – Integrity. This is a perfect example on just how easy these cards really read once you get going. Without looking at the guide-book (that is more a lose leaf system fluttering all over my livingroom at the moment) I wrote the following into my journal.

‘Following my own path, break off from the flock mentality, have a back-bone, creating sacred space, sanctuary, nurturing creativity’

The intense cold spell we are having here is making me annoyed at everything and everyone. Right now I rather wish for 9 sticks of firewood then 9 wands on a tarot-card. But I guess my lesson for today is to demand my right to a warm apartment – that is my sacred space – to my landlord and really INSIST that he makes it bearable to live here. I am not one used to making demands or confront others unless I am really cornered. Well, today this cold has me cornered. It is hard to be kind and enlightened when freezing your bum off.

Silicon Dawn Tarot

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Silicon DawnI got this deck just one or two weeks ago. Read through the book then and looked at all the cards but put it away for later use. Now is the time! Silicon Dawn tarot is created by Egypt Urnash and you can find her amazing site here. She is one classy designer and I do love her fresh take on the tarot, even though she tries to throw us a little by switching pentacles and wands around, it still works!

My journal post for todays card is like a small novella, so I leave you here on the blog with just tiny tidbits, nothing too personal since I do feel slightly exposed here in the blog at times writing too much perhaps about my off-line life. The 4 of Wands is the 4 of Earth as can be seen by the green colour and the theme of the card. the 4 of Wands in RWS decks is more about celebrations, here not so much. I look at this and yes, I been there. Locked inside my own messy rooms, restlessly walking back and forth, locked up in my mind more then in ‘reality’ but of course the mind is a reality of sorts. She could escape between those bars in the window, but for now she waits here.