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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI been down with a cold, well I still am, so updates have been lacking. It’s nothing terribly bad, more annoying and distracting really. This weeks deck is the Robledo TdM that I got from Paulo Robledo via the AT forums. It is the third edition, very limited. The price of the deck wasn’t so bad, half the cost was postage across the globe from Argentina with a stop over in the US. The deck is lovely. Cream coloured background, clear lines, perfect colours. Card stock is a dream. It could do with a tiny rounded corner and I might get to that later, but for now I just shuffle it with care. I even did a reading with it in the TdM reading exchange at ATforums!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday I pulled 2 cards for my weekend and got Wheel of Fortune and Ace of Swords (yeah I never know if I should use the french names or the english ones so I am not consistent at all) The shadow on the top part of the photo is my fault, I should have opened the window blinds fully before taking the photo, oh well, it does add some Drama, right?

Just a few thoughts on these cards (I am sneezing too much to focus on a full on reading) But does not that Wheel looks terribly unstable. I never noticed it being in the water, floating like a raft like that. Also the water is a bit wavy. These monkeys are really out of their depths. Still, I am confident that my Wheel is turning the right direction. I have been down in the dumps some time but despite a cold, I feel my spirit is returning. I am not top monkey, but the one on the right side, climbing.

Oh what a big and red sword! Positively flaring with energy and sparks flying off it. It is igniting! I jotted down just a few words for this card ‘King-maker’ and ‘kvinna för sin hatt’ (to be woman for her hat) i.e to man up and accept the challenge. I think the King-maker was cause it made me think of King Arthur and the Excalibur. His wheel turned also, all the way around. Not that I feel very Arthurian but all those old stories were made to teach us our lessons, right? And today that story is speaking to me of accepting challenges and making my Wheel turn.

Now, time for more sneezing and some tea while I think of my game-plan. I am writing my to-do-list today 😀


Dodal and Visconti, the wheel turns

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Dodal 1 wandI didn’t get to update last night due to my internet. But the card I pulled from the Dodal TdM was Ace of Bastons.

Just look at it! Such a meaty card. Hefty! So substantial and so raw. Where the cuts are we see almost tears of tree marrow, like drops of blood congealing and sealing the wand. Around it is the yods, like falling leaves, or flames, or sweat. Still stuck to it is one leaf looking almost like the saw that must have cut it down.

The hand holding it is showing the palm of the hand, almost like an offering – here, take this! What to do with it? Well, that’s the thing, this is raw-material, raw energy to all sorts of things and actions. There is no denying that we want it though, is there? And I am not going all freudian here even if I could.

I will for sure pick out the Dodal again soon, such a lovely deck and in a way this card is such a great one to finish my week with it. Cause this is how I see this deck, raw, strong, filled with potential.


Visconti WheelNow new week and new deck and I decided to go with the historical deck theme for a month or so and so I pulled out my Visconti Tarots from Lo Scarabeo. I even got the book for it by Giordano Berti (who is right now working on a new edition of the Sola-Busca that I really want) and Tiberio Gonard. It is a beautiful deck, with the missing cards re-created by Atanassov and filled with gold high-lights. It does have the multi-launguage border but I don’t mind it terribly.

Today I pulled the Wheel (La Routa) For this card the book was quite good. We see in the middle a winged and blindfolded figure turning the wheel upon there are 3 figures with banners telling us ‘I reign’ ‘I will reign’ and ‘I have reigned’ and at the bottom a man on all fours and a banner saying ‘I am without a Kingdom’ yet he carries the world. All the potentates have either donkey ears or donkey tails.

I take it as meaning that Chance is blind, that what we get are not always deserved, sometimes the winner is a real ass. But grab Lady Luck by the hair and hold on cause the Wheel will turn no matter what.

Visconti set

Tarot of the Absurd

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Just got this self-published limited edition tarot this week. Tarot of the Absurd is created by Jessica Shanahan in bright white and rich black. My photos does not do it justice at all. I got so many favorite cards already, just from looking through it twice. Included on this first shot is my usual 2 cards I index all my decks with – The Chariot and 6 of Swords, but I also had to include the first moon. Yep, there are 2 moons so you get to pick your favorite. I like the absurdity of this one the most.

The backs are simple and reversible – a pair of doors. My copy is nr 27 out of 600 and if you haven’t ordered a copy yet I recommend you to do so now 😀

Last night I pulled 3 cards while asking what kind of deck this is and how we would get along.  First card was Strength – please do read Jessicas tarot journal to learn all you want to know about ‘vagina dentata’  :-p This is a sensual card, and a strong and fearless one. I see it as an advice to approach the deck in a more emotional then intellectual manner. At first glance the cards look like they are void of esoteric symbolism, and they are! They are instead filled with personal symbols that it will be fun to see if I can recognize in my own life. In that way this Tarot of the absurd reminds me a lot about another favorite deck in my collection – The Sheridan-Douglas. It is not a RWS clone. While I can see it as being founded in that tradition it is made personal and in a quirky way.

The other 2 cards I pulled were 10:s 10 of Cups and 10 – Wheel of fortune. 10’s stand for completion, the end of one circle and the moment just before we start a new one. Cause really, nothing ends with a new family and a baby(except the pregnancy) – it just starts a whole new way of life. In the Wheel we all both give and receive. We go up and down and round and round and see things from a new angle each spin. We taste the world and we share it and sometimes keep it private.

It looks like I have a fun week ahead of me.

Root connections

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Todays card made me sing aloud and poorly the Patti Smith song – Dancing barefoot. I think this might be Ffiona Morgans version of the Wheel of fortune. Here we see the Spiderwoman, the Life Weaver at work, spinning her web, creating all life, connecting me to you to her to Universe. We are all of the same thread.

she is benediction
she is addicted to thee
she is the root connection
she is connecting with he

Catching Lady Luck is like holding on to a fistful of sand

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Santa Fe
This week my deck is the Santa Fe tarot created by sisters Holly Huber and Tracy LeCocq. It feels very alien to me, but in a serene way. Colour blocks and simple basic colors. Every card is actually brimming with details but since I don’t speak this symbolic language I feel like I am like a child, just grasping at the small shards of what I CAN see. There is a book to the deck that I will try to get hold of later. Right now, it is just me, the cards and wikipedia!

Santa FeMy first three cards were King of Water – Wheel of Fortune – Page of Water Just using my old tarot knowledge here I see this story as a grown up responsible person (king) trying to catch the uncatchable (fortune) cause he is missing some important quality, a childlike curiosity perhaps (page)

I think all cultures have a special god/goddess for luck. Greeks called her Tyche, Romans called her Fortuna. Like Justice she was rarely worshiped as a Persona, more as a concept. Rituals to invoke her benevolence or ward of her disapproval is the basis for a lot of superstition. I quite like this Wheel of Fortune. 8 Yeis (spirits) connected at the root are chasing a lightning but none of them can reach it, it just whirls on and on cause you can never truly catch Lady Luck. Just as a grown up can never truly be that pure and naive child again.

Santa FeI just read on Wikipedia about the Whirling Rainbow that is on the Wheel of Fortune card that it is on almost all Navajo sand paintings, protecting the central image from all directions but the East, cause nothing bad ever comes from East. Considering how the Europeans all landed on the eastern coast of America sure makes you stop and think a little…

There are also some little black dots with wings up in the corners of the courts that I wonder about, they look like bats!