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Death and the inevitability of it all

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I didn’t blog yesterday cause of illness. First just feeling weird to quitting my sleep-meds but then also outbreak of a nausea and stomach flue.

I did take a card – Death. Showing the Goddess Kali in her dance with skulls and swords. The LWB tells us that she is the destroyer of Ego (and so much more) She opens up for change much like the Tower but in a more final way. Change is often terrible. Yet sometimes yearned for. I don’t fear death myself, but I fear losing others. Death is always more terrible for those not visited. What change do I fear? What changes do I embrace? Meditating on Death can open my heart to Life. Our view on death and dead bodies have changed so much the last 100 years. My grandmother has dead children in an old photo album. They looked like nicely dressed children, just sleeping. All white and lace. In horror films the scariest thing is the sight of a dead body. But we used to care for them ourselves, we washed them and dressed them fine. We watched them and talked to them, prayed for them, remembered them.

This is all a bit morbid, but Death is a sure thing.  Closing this post with a beautiful song by Laleh. Some die young.


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Yoga tarot places the Fool last of the major arcana as he is Samadhi and his state of being is the final objective, the Leap into Freedom. It’s about purity, perhaps of gaining control over your self and then relenting it absolute. The Fool here is pictured as a monkey. Next to humans, monkeys probably has one of the most structured hierarkies in the world. Is a monkey truly ‘free’? It seems they just live in a slightly differently ordered society.

Wikipedia describes Samadhi like this: ‘ Rather than thinking of “nothing,” true samādhi is said to be achieved only when one has pure, unmotivated love of God. Thus samādhi can be entered into through meditation on the personal form of God. Even while performing daily activities a practitioner can strive for full samādhi’

My yoga book also writes about how we can learn yoga from animals, looking how they move and how they are both focused in concentration and attention to the surroundings. Long before I ‘learned’ to meditate I did it freely while walking. It’s all in the purpose. To be fully in the moment, in the body.


Monday mail

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Dreamed of being on the road. I was given a job that stole all my time but gave back in security and stimulation. While I cannot remember exactly what it was I know it was something that kept me on the move. I took a tram to work and lived in a remodeled train. I woke up feeling invigorated and happy.

Today I picked 2 cards from the Yoga tarot again. No positions, just to get a general view. The first was Ace of Pentacles. A square of earth, a seed and sprouts, what looks like veins encircling it. Gift of Life. The LWB asks: ‘What kind of person do I want to be?’ I want to be growing outwards while keeping my roots firmly planted, deep and strong.

The second card was 3 of Cups. A man in an astral landscape. A trident in his hand spearing a lotus. Or rather, showing it off. Displaying the lotus, the prongs do not penetrate it.  From the LWB again: ‘The path of the heart has been traveled and the act of loving becomes meditation’ My thoughts to this is How do I show my heart? True love carry no fear.

Oh and I got a package today with next weeks deck. The Italian proverbs as I call it ‘Proverbi Figurati’. And Sharyn also sent me a rose-quarts pendulum that I will keep. Cleansed it and ‘programmed’ it to myself just now. (I program it simply by asking it to show me yes and no) The Proverbs will continue their journey to someone else in our group after the week with me.

Sticking my neck out

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Yesterday I had a friend over for some coffee and a chat and I did little Lenormand reading for him, using the book. It went remarkably well. I got a feeling they work better for others then me reading them for myself though. But I am pulling a few every day and write in my journal, we will see in due time how correct they are. They do feel a lot more predictive then tarot, or at least then how I use tarot.

Todays Yoga tarot cards are 10 of Pentacles and 6 of Wands. First off – there is no way I will even attempt any of those asanas. The first would kill me and the second cripple me for life. The LWB here is cryptic, for 10 of Pentacles it says: ‘Am I ready to spend what I created?’ This asana would require an excellent balance and incredibly strength in the neck and spine. My question is Am I holding my head high? Or am I spineless?

The 6 of Wands show a woman in a wheel like asana. To me it looks like she is leading a dance, many small dancing people are around her. The LWB tells me that ‘I do not possess nor am I possessed’ I am free, I am my own center.

How to relate this to my day? Well, one thing I did was to grab the phone and actually call my landlord up and tell him in a strong voice that I am not happy with paying full rent due to how cold my apartment has been and that my neighbour, who do not have it in her to speak up for herself, should also have lower rent. And he agreed! So we now did get a small rent-reduction.  I stood up for myself – and another – on the phone despite me having a really hard time ever ‘demanding’ anything, especially over the phone. I am proud of myself. It may seem silly to others but for me it is a big step 😀

Also recording here todays Lenormand draw. Tower – Mountain – Storks. My book tells me this might mean a legal setback or delay in a home situation. Which don’t make much sense.


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This week I will be using the Yoga Tarot  that I got as a gift from Chloe of Innerwhispers. Artist is Adriana Farina and the LWB (that is very short but quirky) is by Massimiliano Filadoro. I know almost nothing about yoga, only tried a few asanas during a workshop a few years ago, it was fun but a lot harder then expected. I wish now I would have kept going cause I can clearly see how actually doing yoga would improve my posture, my back, my balance and general flexibility. These days I am stiff as a board with no muscle strength at all. I do got some beginners DVDs though and will try to at least to the simpler exercises for core-strength.

I used the spread included in the LWB and will post it here but the reading is not ‘done’ yet, just very sketchy notes from the journal, I like to take my time with spreads and let them lay out for a day or two and ponder them.

The middle card is the Significator card – Here it is King of Wands and for me it is significant of Ambition! He even looks a bit like me with his red hair in a bun and green eyes, just I am not sporting a beard 😀

The rest of the cards are laid out in a clockwise direction starting above the Significator card. So it goes something like this with the positions:

Significator – the querent

1. The Body – All that is material, everyday necessities.

2. Desire – What urges us on, actions and plans and sexuality

3. The heart – Our fears and joys, Emotions

4. The mind – Our thoughts but also our dreams

5. (crossing the significator) The Quintessence – The Key to the problem, what brings everything together.

All in all a nice little spread. As I said, I am still not done with the reading, but including the cards just to show off the deck.

Also including a picture of the ‘Currently reading’ pile of books. Just finished the Tom Rachman – The imperfectionists. It was a nice read. Now for lighter reading – Paul Auster and Sunset Park.