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This week I will be using the Yoga Tarot  that I got as a gift from Chloe of Innerwhispers. Artist is Adriana Farina and the LWB (that is very short but quirky) is by Massimiliano Filadoro. I know almost nothing about yoga, only tried a few asanas during a workshop a few years ago, it was fun but a lot harder then expected. I wish now I would have kept going cause I can clearly see how actually doing yoga would improve my posture, my back, my balance and general flexibility. These days I am stiff as a board with no muscle strength at all. I do got some beginners DVDs though and will try to at least to the simpler exercises for core-strength.

I used the spread included in the LWB and will post it here but the reading is not ‘done’ yet, just very sketchy notes from the journal, I like to take my time with spreads and let them lay out for a day or two and ponder them.

The middle card is the Significator card – Here it is King of Wands and for me it is significant of Ambition! He even looks a bit like me with his red hair in a bun and green eyes, just I am not sporting a beard 😀

The rest of the cards are laid out in a clockwise direction starting above the Significator card. So it goes something like this with the positions:

Significator – the querent

1. The Body – All that is material, everyday necessities.

2. Desire – What urges us on, actions and plans and sexuality

3. The heart – Our fears and joys, Emotions

4. The mind – Our thoughts but also our dreams

5. (crossing the significator) The Quintessence – The Key to the problem, what brings everything together.

All in all a nice little spread. As I said, I am still not done with the reading, but including the cards just to show off the deck.

Also including a picture of the ‘Currently reading’ pile of books. Just finished the Tom Rachman – The imperfectionists. It was a nice read. Now for lighter reading – Paul Auster and Sunset Park.