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Fire Serpent

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This card made me first think of the word Kundalini, yes, I read about it but really it is not anything I am familiar with, for me it is just a phrase, a concept that has nothing to do with me. So I have to look deeper.

I see red, fire, flames, a wand that is a limb, a snake but it is not living, it is consumed, eaten up. The energy overwhelming, too hot to handle. Am I the snake/wand or am I the flames? I am Fire & Serpent.

I am also burnt out. I know that this depression is just the ‘resting phase’ and that in a few days I will stay awake for days and nights on end, being over active, baking, chatting, writing, cleaning, creating. But at this moment, this very minute, this is one fricking dead stick and a fire.

Deck is Night Sun

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