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Rose antlers

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Today’s couple makes my mind spin. These are 2 beautiful cards but the associations for me today are not all pleasant. The buck with a cross and rose antlers, petals falling like drops of blood, makes me think (yet again) about sacrifices. And then the plums on the card next to it makes me think of this crazy cult I was in where they kept smirking and saying that the Lord’s servants with be known by their ‘fruit’ implying of course that their fruit was so much better then anyone elses.

So I have to make an effort to shuffle that away and just look and feel the cards for what they mean for me right now, right here. And then I close my eyes and think of my mothers garden, of her roses and her plums, of how they look today, slightly ruffled and just on the verge of wilting in the autumn chill. It makes me think of how she worked hard with her hand in that garden and how we all enjoy the beauty of it, the scents and taste of it.

Me, I am a bit too squirmish for garden work, I cringe at bugs and worms, I whine over having to dig into hard soil. I am a lazy gardener that likes to take shortcuts. My moms hands are welted and full of cuts, blood like the rose petals… I admire that passion and dedication and hope that one day I can be just like that with my garden.


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I am not really feeling in the mood for tarot at all right now. I did pick out some of my fave Langustl cards though so might as well post that.

But really, I woke up today and just didn’t feel like even pulling one card. Logged in to Facebook and almost got annoyed over how everyone posted like a trillion posts only about tarot. So I am taking a little tarot-vacation for the week. Just doing other stuff, like creating new routines. (exercising and such horrors) And enjoying the garden of course:



Clouds parting

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Today I took two card and put them in the positions of Red light – Green light.

The first card 5 of Wands clearly is trapped behind bars, thorny ones at that so I take this as an advice to go out-doors and not stay trapped in here with my bad temper (I was a bit snappy late last night due to really frigging awful arthritis and still can’t use my left arm much)

The Green light was the Hermit – not a card one associate with hanging out with people, but then that is not really my plan. Plan is to emerge from my cave-dwelling (a perfectly fine apartment) and just get my ass outside! Let the light and winds blow through my hair, feel the earth under my feet, that kind of thing…

So I did! And discovered that the apple tree outside is almost almost in bloom. The meadowsweet is blooming and my herbs are thriving after the rain we had these last few doors. And despite the weather-forecast predicting heavy rains all week – the sun is shining here.



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This morning I woke from such an amazing dream that I just have to copy it down here too. I was driving up a mountain, precarious drops, walls of snow and ice, the road winding serpentine up and up and up, the sky black and angry, then everything opening up, inside a mountain lies a lake, green trees and bushes in bloom, sunlight coming down in a shaft through the top of the mountain, almost like being inside a hollow volcano. A house with many many rooms, both secluded bedrooms and generously spaced out communal rooms with large panorama windows.

Just wanted to show part of why I am in such a grand mood today.

The card I pulled when I woke up is 4 of Fire from the DaVinci enigma tarot. The keyword under the picture is Celebration. The image show a group of 3 muses dancing, hair and dresses fluttering in the wind. The sketch is full of movement and life. The Dimmi question is: What is there to celebrate? And let me reply to that right now: It is Walpurgis! It is the eve before mayday when we burn away the dead of winter and blow kisses to the spring. This evening we will gather with our loved ones, eat well, look at the fires, talk and laugh and sway and jump and dance in the joy of spring. There might be plans for the garden made too. We will eat our BBQ and pour over seed-catalogues and note-books.