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Midnight reading

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This is an older bookmark, no time to make one tonight just for the read-a-thon. I made this out of scraps and with stamps at my work a few years ago. I even laminated it so it looks really professional ­čśÇ

Right now in the middle of Lois Lowry – The messenger. It is ok, a bit predictable though. But I needed something a bit easier going then Cloud Atlas for midnight reading. Found my paperback of Paul Auster’s ┬á“Timbuktu” and will read that one too I think. I had it for years but I never much liked books told by animals so I passed on it. Until now, it is short and translated to swedish and looks like a fast read and I do love Auster… Almost bought his wife’s book earlier today, they had it in my supermarker. Siri Hustvedt – the summer without men, but I will just order it online later instead, or get it on the kindle.

This is my comfy sofa where most of the reading is done, cat asleep on the floor under the table.


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This week I will be using the Yoga Tarot  that I got as a gift from Chloe of Innerwhispers. Artist is Adriana Farina and the LWB (that is very short but quirky) is by Massimiliano Filadoro. I know almost nothing about yoga, only tried a few asanas during a workshop a few years ago, it was fun but a lot harder then expected. I wish now I would have kept going cause I can clearly see how actually doing yoga would improve my posture, my back, my balance and general flexibility. These days I am stiff as a board with no muscle strength at all. I do got some beginners DVDs though and will try to at least to the simpler exercises for core-strength.

I used the spread included in the LWB and will post it here but the reading is not ‘done’ yet, just very sketchy notes from the journal, I like to take my time with spreads and let them lay out for a day or two and ponder them.

The middle card is the Significator card – Here it is King of Wands and for me it is significant of Ambition! He even looks a bit like me with his red hair in a bun and green eyes, just I am not sporting a beard ­čśÇ

The rest of the cards are laid out in a clockwise direction starting above the Significator card. So it goes something like this with the positions:

Significator – the querent

1. The Body – All that is material, everyday necessities.

2. Desire – What urges us on, actions and plans and sexuality

3. The heart – Our fears and joys, Emotions

4. The mind – Our thoughts but also our dreams

5. (crossing the significator) The Quintessence – The Key to the problem, what brings everything together.

All in all a nice little spread. As I said, I am still not done with the reading, but including the cards just to show off the deck.

Also including a picture of the ‘Currently reading’ pile of books. Just finished the Tom Rachman – The imperfectionists. It was a nice read. Now for lighter reading – Paul Auster and Sunset Park.