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iamone22I am showing here how this image would look with no multi-language border, this is from Maya Britans site. A bit larger if you click the image. It wasn’t until I looked up the card from the New Tarot of the Aquarian age though that I saw what she is really holding in her arms. It’s not camping equipment at all! It’s not a blanket and some fire-wood. It is a blue-print plan and scrolls. Now that does make more sense. The idea here is that the Fool = The nameless-one is the recorder, the possibility of every man and as such is the creator of music, art, literature etc. A bearer of culture.

I see a spider over her head and waiting in the left corner is both a cat and a dog. The big melting sun looks like it is being born from a cave. The fool is naked, clad only in ideas.

I often feel like I have no plan at all, just drifting out to sea but in my little boat I got plenty to keep me busy. A discussion about age on a forum made me think about how little the me looking out of these eyes have changed, how I am still stumbling around trying to find my big bright GOAL in life. And how I bet when I am 70 I might still be looking for it. I got the things I need to stay happy though. I might never end up with a great career or a fat paycheck or a big family, perhaps I just keep rocking around in my little lost boat with my books and plays and other scrolls I pick up on the way.


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Been reading a novel by an author called Anna Kavan ‘Ice’ and it is one of the weirdest books I ever read. Imagine opening a book and recognize the landscapes and even some of the feelings from a dream. I do keep a dream journal (now and then) and in it I have logged a dream taking place on a desolate island in an icy ocean and in Kavan’s book I am right back there. Slipstream is a label used and I like that. Slip stream. Something flowing and bending in ways you could never imagine or predict. Just like a dream. The book is slightly depressing though but the strangeness of it is appealing even so.

iamoneThe card I got yesterday was 6 curved blade which I guess is same as 6 Swords. I am come and go it says. Well, I am not really coming or going much at all. It feels like I live my life all in my head. Or my dreams. I need to try and reach out and re-connect with the world again. Now just how did one do that again?


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoth cards I pulled last night are ‘positive’ in a way, but together, just look at them, see how soft and round and heavy they are, one is even called ‘Gravity’, they both have a force that feels heavy and full. They make me miss the flair of fire and air, the lightness, the quickness, the ambition, the dream. These cards are like a head full of drowsy sun a summer day, or a rich table where all the food is sweet and soft and you miss the savory crunch. They are a room filled with drapes and pillows and incense and all I want to do it to fling open the windows and bring in a sharp fresh wind.

I am One tarot by Maya Britan.


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9736930First of all, I am just starting this new book by S.J. Watson ‘Before I go to sleep’ Imagine Lucy (Drew Barrimore) 20 years later waking up still with no memories only to see her aged hands and face in the mirror and married to a stranger. Only here – add to that a certain creepy feeling that things are not as they should, and a hidden secret journal… Perfect reading for a cold and dark February evening.

And I pair it with a tarot deck some people think is creepy too! I don’t, I quite like it, the weirdness of it. It is the I am One tarot that caused some flurry of critique on the AT forum when it came out since the Majors, the titles and the suites (but not the art of the minors) are based on an earlier deck with no credit given. Here is a harsh review of it which I don’t really agree with myself. The earlier deck is OOP and hard to find but you can read on it here: The new tarot for the Aquarian age

I am OneI find the art interesting and the titles for the cards make it feel more of an oracle then a tarot. The LWB is kinda nice too in that it makes connection between certain cards. We’ll see how much I use it. I am at a point in life where I read more books then cards…