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We live our life behind our eyes

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OriginsYesterday the mailman knocked on my door and brought me a deck I wished for a very long time. Tarot of the Origins. Long time out of print, impossible to get but then I got lucky! I even found the perfect box for it. This box used to house my Pixie’s Lenormand but I don’t really ‘do’ Lenormands so that one went back to the shelf in it’s little tuckbox. I also found 2 perfect stones to house with the deck. One is a fossil and one is a stone I got from another friend in New York who picked it off the beach near the city.

As usual I managed to fill a note with tiny scribbles while looking at the card and thinking of the word Hermit. It comes from the greek word Eremites (or close enough in spelling) that means solitary. But the word also comes from Eremos meaning desert. So desert-dweller, deserted, solitary. Those words have such different values though, we rather be solitary then deserted. We innately strive to be a part of something then apart.

In the image we see a man looking out from behind the eye socket of a giant skull and that made me think of how we spend our lives looking out of our eyes/I’s and how that set us apart, creates a distance. Ice in the desert. I’s or eyes. How we react to the world, what we see is coloured from our lookout place, in the desert, behind our I’s/eyes/ice.


Appropriately dressed

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Mountain Dream HermitMy card for today was the Hermit, how fitting, since I am not in a mood to be around people at all. Instead of being a social animal I do hermit-tasks, like laundry (washing my cape even) making beans and bacon (perfect food for an outing in a cave) and walk out in the snow to get some sunlight to cure my SAD (trying to find the light)

At least this Hermit is appropriately dressed for the Swedish winter. I would have knitted her some mittens though. Well, not me, but I could have given her one of the 8 pairs my mom knitted for me. I know how to knit but nothing fancy like thumbs.

In-between loads of laundry I am reading John Green’s young adult romance ‘The Fault in our Stars’ and quite like it. People have commented that teenagers don’t talk like they do in that book, but I say sure they do – teens can be utterly pretentious, at least I was. Reading my journal from when I was 17 I had pages and pages about life and death and religion and Literature. See, how Literature got a Capitol L but life didn’t? That’s me at 17… Someway along the way you would have thought I would have changed more.

Hasty snails

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True love

Well, they are shells, not snails, but I gotta at least try to be a little clever here. The hasty snails is of course refering to the pip-minors in this deck. For this ‘Will I love you?’ reading I picked 2 shells for outcome and then cringed. Not the best start. But let’s do it from the top.

Tell me about yourself: Magician. Goal oriented first came to mind and this is a deck with a rather one-track mind. It’s all about relationships, all about LUV! ❤ As an old spinster I will have to mold this to fit my own purpose cause I am really not out ‘on the market’ I am quite happy just me and Charlie the cat. The Magician is kinda solo too and he don’t look upset over it.

How do I best work with you: Hermit. Alone, in solitude, withdrawn, weeping in a glass of wine, forever lonely. No but perhaps this tells me to use it independently, closing in on details, seeing the correspondences in the world. Noticing the synchronicity. It’s that little bird in the right corner that the Hermit is listening to that I like the most about this card. And the well, it is a well, right? (now it is) A well with green water and blossoms.

Outcome: Such a vague description too. Outcome of what? For how long? In my journal I (ironically) wrote down ‘I will fall madly and deeply in love with it and it will be just me and True Love forever and ever. Actually this very card told me that this would never be the case cause I hate the frigging pips. Really, they got like 15 minutes to do the minors? Off they go, back into the box with them. I might add the courts though, they are nice.

Oh and click this for a better pic of the nifty spread cloth my mom knitted for me: