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Over spending

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db_HA-_Steine_051So I got my paycheck today, pulled a card and got 5 stones telling me to stop over-spending my money. Hey, it’s once a month, and it is not MUCH, surely I am allowed to buy some beer and sushi at times? But oh no, I just got the pointing finger telling me how bad I have been… Oh well, dear Haindl. You are a bit of a sourpuss. Dead trees, tepid still water in the pond, stones with no order, just randomly put there… I get it, I will try to do better next time. Please forgive me…


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db_HA-_II_-_Die_Hohe-_priesterin1I haven’t pulled a daily card with Haindl as I usually do. I just been flipping through the deck and looking at whatever card struck my fancy. For a few days I had this High Priestess out on my desk. Perhaps she is there cause I am made more aware of the moons phase now. We had such clear wintersky in north of Sweden this week and the full moon will be on sunday. From where i sit in the evenings I see the moon growing bigger and fuller each night.

I also like the camel here. Another favorite HP card is the Jolanda tarot which also shows a camel. I read that one reason for the High Priestess being Gimel is that it is the camel that carry man through the vast desert, just as the High Priestess carry us over the abyss on the tree of life.

Oh and see how her dress turns to rain, nurturing the camel and the land below.

Miss-used force

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HaindlI borrowed this image from Albideuter since my camera is still re-charging. I pulled 10 of wands as the first card with this deck and nearly changed my mind. But looking at it I found stuff in it that I rather like. The english title for the card is Oppression, but I do prefer this one. A miss used force is when you are stronger then you know you are. It’s all potential. It is also showing a change in power. A shift. Here is it the bat (which is a kind of flying rat) scaring the cats, like a revenge of the rats… The bat has feathers though and is in fact turning to something ‘higher’ then a rat – a bird.

Well, in my world, birds are still eaten by cats, but at least they prove to be quite a bit harder to catch and sometimes they clearly get the upper hand.

The change in power here made me think about fear. How the rats are usually scared of the cat – how the cat is scared of the bat, how birds are scared of almost anything and people too. How we start out so fearless in our youth with our indestructible bodies, and how one day we wake up after a nitemare and find ourselves scared of almost everything. How that fear holds power over us and what we can do to reverse it. A good friend of mine finds it fearful to leave his house. He just cannot do it without suffering panick-attacks and feeling utter dread. He knows that the cure lies in exposure therapy but the medicine is so scary that he rather keeps indoors, trapped by fear. I think of all that potential, locked in and it is devastating. I can’t help him but hope that one day he will seek help to grow his wings.

Haindl Tarot

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HaindlNew week, new deck. The Haindl tarot is one I bought, traded and re bought at least twice. Even though I haven’t used it, it sure feels like it belong in a collection. Time to give it a week of my attention.

The deck brings together elemental, rune, i-ching and kabbalistic influenced in the cards but they don’t feel all jumbled together, it is still fairly easy to just focus on the image and let that speak, or draw in whatever correspondence you want. The art is finely etched lines softly colored.

At first some of the minors look all the same. But give them some time and effort and a lot of details will come into focus. There is a cloud of eyes here, small animals there, soft rain falling, a little moon in a corner…

Haindl is copyright to US Games.