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Another day another card. The Hanged Man from Mythic Tarot. Sitting on my balcony, enjoying the warm sun and a cup of coffee while thinking about Prometheus, the titan that stole some of the fire from the hearth of Hephistos and gave to man. As punishment Zeus ordered him chained to a rock and a bird picked at his liver each day. The story in the book also mentions a flood and the building of an ark. The flood lasting 9 days, as long as Odin was hung in the tree to gain the runes. Interesting to see all the myths coming together in slightly different ways over many cultures and ages.

I am Swedish so my heart is close to the Norse myths, but I love the Greek myths too. I grew up with relatives in a christian cult so I am also aware of those myths. I learnt to read with 1001 nights and the fables of Aesophus (unsure of the spelling here since the name is different in English and Swedish)

ps, totally unrelated but a funny coincident – first of June I am going on the premiere of the movie Prometehus

A week with Voyager

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It was most reluctantly I put away the Silicon Dawn tarot to pick a new weekly deck. This week it will be the Voyager Tarot. The deck is from 1986 and does feel a little dated on first glance. The cards are very large and got that sticky kind of lamination and broad borders. The guide book I got is falling apart in the back. I had this deck tucked away in the bottom of a large box with other ‘undesirables’ for a few years now. Recently it was brought up on the ATforum though. So when it came up in the random draw this week I decided to give it a go. It’s just a week after all. See here how prejudice I am already against this deck!

When I took it out last night I just went through the cards and sorted it into 2 piles, just at first glance. The + and the – pile. Oddly enough the + pile was more then 3/4 of the deck. I made a little deck interview spread with it. This is the cards I got:

Voyager - Child of Cups1. Tell me about yourself. What kind of deck are you? Child of Cups. This card is jammed packed with kids! Happy kids, sad kids, pensive kids, sleeping kids. It tells me this is a deck for curiously exploring emotions. Kids don’t hold back. They will test you and then give an instant verdict. They are open and spontaneous. They can be mesmerized by the tiniest details yet grasp the mood of any situation quickly.




Voyager - Hanged man2. How can I use Voyager for the best result? The Hanged man. This card was in the – pile. I look at it and feel really unsure. But I guess that is the point. What I get here is that I might simply need to twist and turn the cards around to really see the whole picture. To not let the amount of details overwhelm me. And to not be too much a prisoner of the guide-book.



Voyager - Sage of Worlds3. Outcome of working with Voyager. Sage of Worlds – Master. I doubt I will be a ‘Master’ in this Tarot (yeah, they actually have specific Voyager classes if you are so inclined) but it tells me that I will get what I put in. Question is – how much am I willing to put into it? That remains to be seen over the week to come.

Suspended in anticipation

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Silicon DawnCan you read in your dreams? I can but I am also aware the the book might fall apart like fairy’s dust any second. For me reading in a dream is a cue sign to becoming lucid. Reason I bring it up was that I fell asleep this morning with a book in hand and in the dream it turned into something else entirely, a green leather bound travel-journal. Woke up to my mother knocking on my front door with a paperbag with flowers for me! Such a nice start of the day, first the dream then the flowers.

I had taken today’s card before going to bed and it was 12 – usually called the hanged man, here unnamed. She is hanging in a cocoon, like a butterfly to be. She just gives me that same feeling as dream-reading. It is exhilarating but fleeting. Soon, soon, it will be over and the moment is gone. Replaced with something new! But THIS, this right NOW, will never be again. What will come might be glorious or numbingly dull. Who knows.